pushing new inactivity standards. shit.

The rumors of my death have been exaggerated, but not by as much as one would think. Not that there's much distance for them to travel anyway.

So how to get caught up? I suppose as good a start as any would be to say that as an addendum to the recipe I posted below. It turns out that it can be used for a pizza sauce if you cut the red pepper in half and either negate or sharply reduce the lemon zest. Also, another fix for it being too liquidy is to add small amounts of tomato paste. it'll mix with the water and become puree, but more tomato-y puree than one normally would get.

Also I sort of accidentally submitted a blog interview here. I did this before the last post and when I thought I'd be kicking it up a notch. Oops.

I am actually attempting to get things moving where my creative energies are going, so I suppose I should make good on that intent, and start a sort of New Fall Season hereabouts. After a long time of just meaning to, I've begun taking guitar lessons, and the improvement is showing. Until now I'd been at a sort of plateau that I couldn't progress from without instruction. I may in fact soon be able to call myself a musician again. It's been a while.

Also as many of you know, Pia has brought me in on the revision process for her book, which I believe is bound to do well. It would be a lie to say that this is why I haven't been blogging, but it would have made a great excuse if I wanted to pretend that I haven't been lazy about this. The fact is Pia's blogged far more often than me since I've started working on it with her, even though she said that she'd be cutting back.

I've been tagged-ish with seven Ps by Cooper. She used a number of Ps that I wish weren't already taken, but whatever.

Let's fucking do this.

psychogenic: Caused by a state of mind. I think we all pretty much qualify. Some might say that a few other words with that prefix would apply as well.

Puckish, maybe? Sometimes? Preternatural? Probably. I've been accused of being pretentious by some people, but phuck them.

I've been told that I'm perplexing, and it wasn't meant as a complement but I went ahead and took it as one anyways. I try for profound and seem to stumble upon it every now and again. I'm a player in that I will take the stage when I can. I make no finding in regards to any other alleged uses of the word.

Open tag applies here only because I have no friggin clue who's going to read this.

Oh. Apparently there were Emmys. Two of my favorite TV actors were up for Outstanding Actor, and one of them prevailed. Gandolfini seemed poised to win, but he didn't deserve it, though he's no slouch.

Word. Boston Legal returns soon, and I'll absolutely have things to say.

Oh and did you all hear that Led Zeppelin was reuniting? If other rumors bear similar fruit, we may see another Floyd reunion and another Cream reunion as well. Everyone's contradicting each other in those two camps, so something must be up. Honestly I don't see the point of Roger Waters being a stopping point. He's a mediocre bassist at best and his voice has gone to fucking hell.

More to come. I mean it this time


  1. puckish: that may be true now that I think of it. Naw not pretentious.

    Liked Spader's reference to the mob. Happy he won although it looked like a long shot - I wish I had placed money on it.

  2. Cooper took my word and my Spader comment

    But puckish fits so well and Spader--well you know I would walk to the ends of the earth or something. He does get better every year--and it was a win for my people--the middle aged though every other actor was also come to think of it--just haven't watched them become it on film or TV

    I only blog out of anxiety and you're the best revisionist

  3. Excuses, excuses! We know when we've been neglected. ;)

  4. cooper: then I believe you'd be in trouble with the mob =P

    pia: I've retroactively watched Hugh Laurie and James Spader become middle aged with the help of Youtube. I feel a connection to both of them. They each encapsulate different aspects of what I'd like to be as a performer. Laurie with his versatility-- plays three instruments masterfully and has brilliant comedic flair in two dialects while maintaining a dark overtone, and Spader's mastery of body acting and inflection. Both very smart and talented actors.

    Steph: I'm sorry I've been neglectful. I'll be right over.