I'm not officially back yet. Well, I'm here, but I've hit a bit of a flat line when it comes to posting, and some of you know why.

In any case, I'm here to send my love to the mothers. to wit: Shayna, Miz B, Vesper, and Mimey. Happy Mother's Day to all of you, to any mothers I may have missed (along with my apologies for having missed you, and all the rest.

I may post in a day or so. Standard rules apply for determining when I do in fact post based on this statement.



  1. Love the last sentence.

  2. You are just the sweetest... thank you dear Patrick and may nothing but beautiful things be greeting you these days and always...

    Loved the last sentece... loved the post... and always love you amigo mio...

  3. Aw. How sweet. That's the only greeting I had as British mother's day is long gone. I like it and might try being a decent mother as a consequence...when I get back from being a reckless over age teenager.