I has a birthday.

Were geography no issue there would be good times to be had by all.

There would be beer

Speaking to the Irish in me some of it would have to be that good ol' Dublin stout.

In my extended clan, whenever there is a gathering where there is also beer you can expect a few of these to be lying around. In the words of the great Jeffery Rowland, "since it's hot all the time in Mexico they know how to make beer that cools you off better, and since they have a lot of problems in Mexico they now how to make beer that makes you feel okay"

And also a nod to the resident brewmasters of Boston (ok so the bottling plant is actually in Ohio but we're laying claim because we said so)

As for the other stuff, I would be remiss not to stock a certain someone's favorite spirit.

And the hell there won't be some uisce beatha (bonus to anyone who knows what that means without looking it up) up ins

And to complete the necessary carbomb ingredients, here

Further requests can be carried out as from where I sit right now there are at least three packeys within an easy jog.

Now far be it from me to suggest that the whole affair is in the bottles. My original plan involved bowling. I think every kid I knew growing up had at least one birthday party at the local bowling alley. This, however, would be significantly more interesting. White Russians are the order of this portion of the festivities and The Big Lebowski will be quoted until it stops being funny. (You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. With nail polish.)

After that? I dunno... karaoke? I had a sudden urge to do something like ask for people to post what song(s) they'd do but for some reason that doesn't sound like something I'd say. whatever. In any case I'd probably do something by Cake. Probably "Love you Madly"

Yeah so basically this post is a sham. A cheap trick of the light designed to convey the imaginary significance of the date and yet still have something that appears to be substance. But I hope you haven't been fooled. Otherwise it would have worked and I'm writing this retraction for no reason; probably making a total ass of myself in the process. In any case, I'm done with this now.

Later, all. I'm proud to have been here in this virtual space with such great people for this long (oh geez this is the third birthday of mine that's passed on this blog). There aren't many of you here, but I'd like to think that you're the right people. That is the excuse I'm going to use for my utter failure to promote this piece of web =P.


  1. Happy Birthday Wombat

    It's a lovely lovely party.

    My birthday post to you was supposed to go up at midnight, however....in your honor the Imac went wonky just to remind me of my original blogging days

    I thought bowling your way would have been fun because yes there used to be bowling parties for kids
    anyways, have much much fun

    Happy happy birthday

  2. hello...hello there!

  3. Eww I like the blue stuff babe.

  4. happy birthday, doll! what are the options for the non-imbibing members of the party? :)

  5. pia: Thanks for writing it. Sorry it took so long for me to respond


    Anna: Glad to see you around here again. Please stay a while

    Cooper: I'll chill it up nice and hit it with some quinine for ya babes.

    {illyria}: hmm... never knew that. There's coffee and tea of course. And I suppose the request thing also applies to non-alchohol.

  6. I can't believe I missed your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday To You and All That Jazz......

  7. Forgive me too!!!! I was out of town and with no connection to the internet (and no laptop on my, well, lap!) as we are having a week of taking off, taking the kids outta school and just sightseeing away all in the name of feeling good... I kid you not...

    And with that in mind, I hope that a good and feel good time was had by you on your very special day my sweet friend... may this prove to be a beautiful year for you, a precursor to many more to come, and may you find much peace and wonderful happenings awaiting you 'cause you deserve that and so much more!

    I am sorry I missed being able to comment on your birthday though I was thinking of you on that day as a little Pia-licious birdy had alerted me to your impending age shift... muchos besos always...


  8. Shayna: You were here in spirit, as the photoparty thing was very much stolen from you. Thanks much.

    Miz B: Being thought of from afar in lieu of internet access more than gives me something to smile about. Especially when it comes from my favorite Bohemian. Hope you had fun

  9. Happy blog birthday late. I shouted it across the ocean. You heard me, didn't you?

  10. Now this is something to argue about.

    How could you possibly mention or even show a Bombay Sapphire martini when to most reasonable people vodka martini's are the way to go? Drinking gin is like drinking gasoline.

    I'm quite offended by your prejudice against a pure Russian Stolichnaya or even a French Grey Goose. I'd even settle for an olive nestled in a neat Smirnoff. Vodka has a purity unmatched by any other drink.

    I'll excuse your sacrilege if only in the name of that liquor store next to the Zip store on Mass. Ave off Boylston who always did me a solid.