My 4/20 story actually happened on 4/19

The plan was to meet in the park and fly kites. For some reason, perhaps a pertinent saying, I felt compelled to add a step three, but I hadn't the means. I made attempts to contact friends who likely would be able and willing to assist in the procurement but alas, no avail.

It was therefore decided that we would fly the kites and yell at them. As if kites soar higher when set adrift upon loud profanity. The real motive was that if any passing by were of the ability to lend assistance, they would know that we were of the sort that could do with it. Either none such were there or we failed to get the message across. We parted ways

I decided for no particular reason to walk up Newbury Street. Behind me I heard a conversation that I just had to join in on between a male and a female.

"You know, I'm pretty sure that it's a waste of time looking for the Answer. There may not even be one"

Naturally I turned and said, "You're close but you've got it backwards. There is indeed an answer; it's Forty-two. There just isn't a question."

They didn't get the reference but were fascinated nonetheless. I pressed on

"Looking for answers with a lowercase "a" is a lot more enlightening than looking for The Answer. Even if you do find it it'll likely be of no use to you."

to which the male replied, "You're right, man. You can find a lot more meaning in a cigarette, or hell, a joint, than God. I mean even if he's real I'm pretty sure he's not anything we think he is"

And with an air of inspiration, the female added, "by the way, would you like to join us?"

And the three of us did what I'd set out to do in the first place.

I was telling this story to my friend Josh as he made a valiant effort to talk on the phone, drive his car, and light a cigarette at the same time. Dear friends, I am proud to say that he was successful. There's a longstanding meme in our conversations regarding the difference between a success and an achievement. We've decided that to succeed, one must try. Which may seem self-evident, but that we also established (at least where our usage is concerned) that something that happens without intent cannot be a success. It can be an achievement, however, as the phrase "achieve an erection" makes unfortunately clear. But what in this case? I certainly had intent, but I had a very specific plan that very specifically failed. Though one could argue that the pattern of my behavior that led to this success/achievement is consistent with my behavior at the park and therefore I succeeded in fulfilling the agenda behind said behavior. One could argue. Most likely one wouldn't unless it was late at night and one is having coffee with an equally strange friend

Anyways, perhaps the oddest thing about the story is that it took place a day early. I actually wasn't aware of the date at all until the next day.

Apologies to any who were expecting to find anything meaningful here tonight =P


  1. did you finally explain the '42' reference?

  2. Anna: To them? I think it'd have taken too long. Especially given where the afternoon had already taken them.

    Cooper: Glad you approve

  3. I love this post. It's so esoteric