Hmm, that's a new one

"hey, can you get high from sleeping too much?" (honest to god I was asked this)

Wouldn't know.

I have come, after much well-deserved and persistent pestering, come to embrace the wonder that is 3WK net radio. Erin, you were right, I should have listened to you. You're a wise, wonderful goddess. Here be indie rock

It's been pissing rain here and I've split time between having a cold and only sort of having a cold. There used to be an adage one adhered to about what came of rainfall during this particular month. Given that my last birthday was marked by record rainfall, and the pear-shaped nature of weather in general lately due to global fucking warming, I'm willing to bet that said adage can be taken out to the backyard, Old Yeller style.

Oh yeah and my 21st is next month on the fifteenth. woo and such.

I've been cruising Youtube looking to fill at least some of the void left by the absence of our dear Bohemian, and have come across Natalie. She's smart, witty, and fucking nuts in the way that anyone who knows me understands is 100% complementary. I'm basically hooked. Also, I think that most cases of Australian women speaking can be considered erotica.

My penultimate tweet makes reference to a minor culinary attempt of mine: peanut sauce. I'm still working on it, and I've used this recipe as a reference (don't mind that the blog belongs to a fictional character), but have gone in different directions, mostly (entirely) because I've been too lazy to go and hunt down the proper ingredients. So far I've used a sort of an ad hoc brown sugar syrup in place of honey and a combination of various things from the spice cabinet (ginger, garlic, onion powder, red pepper, etc) and cider vinegar in place of the chili sauce and it's come out tasty. But it's not quite done yet. Nor is anything I've cooked actually. One thing I love about cooking is that there's no deadline for perfecting a recipe (despite the deadline for the actual meal) and no director telling you that the show is frozen until production and that nothing is to be changed. A complete aversion to writing things in anything more permanent than a paper napkin. It's a good philosophy in general. Grow. Adapt. Change. Never stop. Be grounded, but not burdened.


Despite my desire to say more, the presence of "5 AM bullshit" (not to say that it's necessarily bullshit in the normal sense, only to say that it reads like bullshit to the eyes of the author) in this post means it's time for me to cut short.


  1. my birthday is on may 17th! norwegian independence day.

  2. Dude, I'm May 20th.

    Though I think I'd rather turn 21 this year...

    High? On too much sleep? Lol, it's usually the other way around...

  3. Woah... with Cooper, that makes four of us in May. And I do believe Shayna said that's when Carter was due. Damn... that's just when it all happens I guess. Or rather, August is when it all happens

  4. So now you need to start a cooking blog.

  5. Agree with Cooper of course

    And thanks couldn't remember your exact birthday

    I'm July--always have to be different :)

    Didn't know Jason's birthday