Oops! I'm an addict

Not that that should come as much of a surprise. A lack of computing resources available over the weekend sort of fucked with me hard. Increased guitaring and rereading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy helped but there are limits. I was locked into a serious jones. I'm not sure if I've yet recovered.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to check myself into a twelve step program, but I'm wondering if I'm inhibiting myself here. I've found a number of writers (here I'm referring to people I'm not in any direct contact with and thus have no influence on, i.e. non bloggers) who express many of the thoughts I've had but have utterly failed to transmit to the page. The sorts of glimpses of what you swore must have been brilliance when you woke up suddenly at 4 AM for a brief instant without a pen and paper near before nodding off again. Or the ones forever lost because no one thinks to run a voice recorder when they're out for a late night cup of coffee or getting stoned with their friends (hypothetically speaking)

In a sense I guess I feel I don't need to write them because I find them in the voices of others. Of course that's bullshit and I'm all too aware of it. But it's still an inhibitive. And I could keep writing on this subject but I doubt it would accomplish a single thing. So I'm going to try and grab at another thread because I do seem to be keyed into producing volume at the moment.

Allow me to apologize in advance if a sort of odd psychosis grips me in about a week. Baseball season, you see. I haven't played the sport in fucking years because apparently once you're out of high school you're supposed to want to play goddamn softball instead. Grr... But this is looking to be a good year to be a baseball fan in this city. And yes I'm aware of how many times that's been uttered idly here and been proven false. Oh, you didn't point that out at all, did you? Because you're not like me and not really into this and are pretty much just seeing where this line of thought goes (should I even be that fortunate)?

Right then.

I've run out of things to say, due to the late hour and a headache that won't shut up and also perhaps some rust from a weekend without. More later


  1. I'm sorry for your internet woes. It is good because it might stimulate you to write more, as you should.
    You need a plan and a focus - don't we all, but you in particular because you can write.

    Baseball....bah hum bug.

    Hope to catch you soon, I'm still in Maryland and will be here until early AM. If you have not yet obtained internet access go write...

  2. hey dude.. this is pretty much unrelated, but a question anyway. Don't you live in Malden? With regard to your profile, you need to show pride in your real home... Boston's 5 miles away from the Center of The Universe... Malden isn't called the Center of The Universe for any reason, but for EVERY reason!! Jingle Bells, first bank robbery murder, Kevin McGlinchy, Grampa Joe from the original & far superior Willy Wonka, and Esoteric Wombat the Blogger!! :)

  3. Agree with Cooper. You need a plan because you sure can write. Your use of words is frigging amazing, and I love this:
    've found a number of writers (here I'm referring to people I'm not in any direct contact with and thus have no influence on, i.e. non bloggers) who express many of the thoughts I've had but have utterly failed to transmit to the page.

    So true.

  4. Cooper: There is, of course, a reason why I kept the bits about baseball short. =P

    I don't know what a plan and a focus would do for me, really. I've never known either to cause inspiration. And I'm feeling a void there even though I probably shouldn't be.

    Blogadoo: You're the only person from Massachusetts who reads here I think. Wasn't Jingle Bells written in Medford? Also, The new one rocks house.

    Pia: See above and also, I should also have noted that on occasion it's been a boon. I got an idea for a story, only to find it in a webcomic before I ever got to write it, which turned out to be a blessing because it didn't turn out to be nearly the idea that I thought it would be

  5. Dude, you are one hell of a writer. Doesn't matter when inspiration strikes. Hell,I can't write poetry without noise or a double Jamesons in me (dating insane women seems to help, too, but I a second double Scotch and putting on some Jon Spencer seems to help.)

    And sorry about the internet woes, too.

    I've been jonesing a lot of weird things lately, so I can't talk. And, as for baseball...I will not delve into AL East rivalries other than to say that, in the event the Os falter this year (ha), may the Sox utterly firebomb the Yankees.

  6. Jason: Thanks, man. For me it's exhaustion (occasionally seasoned by obscene doses of caffeine), insane women (though I suppose my male friends are about as insane), and The Mars Volta. But none of that helps if I don't have anything to write about.

    You're an Oriole's fan? I'm sorry, dude.

    Hell of a ballpark though