I've got a hell of a lot to catch up on here

Though in truth I'm not entirely certain how much of it will remain relevant. In any case, I'm tired as hell now, which is exceedingly odd because it's only 1:30.

Anyways, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't offering up something, so here's a song I came up with on the spot. Warning: There will be blues tropes here, and when I do set it to music I'll be trying to make it not sound like a song written on top of a template but for now here are some lyrics. Also, this can only be seen as final in the sense that anything can be when I'm exhausted.

I rode the train last evening
And the Devil took me for a tear
I rode the train late last evening
and the Devil took me on a tear
He caught me off my guard
Had the little Reaper in the other chair

I heard the Devil cackle
As the engine lit its flame
I heard that fucker cackle
As the engine lit its flame
He said, you're in too deep this time
You shoulda never played this game

I didn't say a word
Because I know him all too well
No I didn't say a word
Because I know him all too well
If I try to plead my case
I'll already be in Hell

A red moon hung in the sky
and a rumble from below
All the stars hid their fires
stifled by its evil glow
The switchman's face was bloody
But no one watching could have known

I broke out through the window
as the train skipped off the rail
Yeah, I made out with my life
as the train kipped off the rail
Still I've gotta hedge my bets
So I can live to tell this tale.

Ahem. Now that we're done with that

Yoko Ono is about to release an album
Word has it that the vinyl release will feature a B side with
good music recorded on it.

And with that, I'm off.


  1. I like it. It's a bit rough, and I can see the influences--which is a good thing--have to read it some more.

    Are you trying to say Yoko won't be on the "B" side?

  2. Just what I needed... a song by the Wombat... I truly love it! :)

  3. wow. you can voice-record that any damn time.

    sorry i've been away, wombat. life happened.

  4. I think you found another occupation.

    Writing songs and making me smile.

  5. Pia: I made some of the tempos inconsistent on purpose. That having been said, I'm still working on it.

    Shayna: Hearing from you, and moreover, hearing that from you, made my day.

    {illyria}: I shall, when it's done. And not to worry. It happens to the best of us.

    Cooper: Noble endeavors both