What the fuck?

I just realized that my friend's half of the conversation I posted was invisible. Which is unfortunate, because the funniest line in there is in fact hers.

Though strangely enough, the result is the same as it was when I first started keeping logs. I was supposed to make note of my half of a conversation for playwriting class, and I chose (I'm not quite certain IM conversations were technically admissible. I didn't actually tell anyone there that's what it was) to go with a conversation I had with a fellow geek involving the Venture Brothers and archvillainy techniques. The class was impressed with the style and flow. They were especially drawn with my habit of combining four-letter and four-syllable language. From then on I began keeping logs.

Anyways, what happened down there was the text color for Hillary's side of the convo came out black on black. It is sort of interesting to look at though, and part of me is glad that it was digested in that way. But if you were curious as to what she said, I'm changing it as of now.

Also, I want to make note that the NFL has admitted that the officiating crew at the AFC Championship Game fucked us over.

Go Bears


  1. cooper2:45 PM

    actually if you highlighted it it came up fine.

  2. yeah, but upon rereading the comments, at the very least Pia didn't see her half.

  3. Didnt know I was supposed to highlight them. Guess it's back to blogging school for me

    Really did think that it was hysterical without her half

    Sort a of fill in the blanks game

    Let me know when you post it