The Sanctity of Life; My late Blog for Choice post

Such is the nub of just about every argument against a woman's right to choose. It's also the reason stem cell research and assisted suicide are wrong. Because nothing is more sacred than the final excruciating weeks of a terminal patient, or the uselessness of a discarded embryo. I provide, for those who would adopt such an argument, a simple to do list

Feed, clothe, and provide shelter for every starving child in the world
Provide medical care for every man, woman, and child in this country.
Ensure that the Earth will be able to support future generations without being laid to waste by pollution and global warming
Establish a school system that provides the same opportunity for education for the poorest as it does the richest.
Allow our medical scientists to find hope for the countless who would have none if not for the promise of stem cell research.

Those are the requirements that you must fulfill before even thinking of talking to me about how much moral outrage you have about the termination of a potential human being. You won't get my time of day otherwise. Or my respect. Or my courtesy. I piss down the throats of the bible-thumping catamites who would defy all rights to autonomy to assure that every fetus gets squeezed out and then turn their backs when it comes to establishing a reasonable standard of living for these now actual human beings who they protected vigorously until birth. Every dollar donated to a pro-life group is a dollar that could have been put towards something worthwhile.


Of course, the only women who'll be forced are the ones who can't circumvent the law. In other words, the poor. Those least likely to be able to care for a child. Alternately, a substandard back alley procedure could leave a woman incapable of bearing children in the future. Abortions take place even in the countries with the strictest laws against them. Anyone who thinks that a ban will end abortions is on a fucking cloud. As is anyone who doesn't see a direct line of causality between such a ban and the endangerment of many who feel they have no other option (or do, in fact, have no other option). But who cares? What's important is the moral stand, right? No matter what the cost.

Yes, I'm being hostile. No, I don't care. I'm only sorry that I'm a day late.


  1. i just fell in love with you.

    don't worry, i won't call you every day.

  2. Your well founded hostility is greatly appreciated from this camp.

  3. to even explore how many nails you've hit on the head would decimate the meaning of this post.

    from where i come from, conservative catholic background and all, morality IS the only stand. bigfuckingbullshit.

  4. Anna: As long as it's not just the sound of you breathing when I pick up I wouldn't be too troubled =P

    Cooper: Always glad to lend my hostility.

    Jemima: Apparently, I can get a witness.

    {illyria}: Coming from an Irish Catholic family, I can relate. I remember a long conversation I had with a like minded cousin outside of a church after a funeral. The celebrant had said something to the effect that departed had often wondered aloud as to what an atheist had to live for. We were both had in our hands the communion wafers we'd palmed when the force of the crowd pushed us up to receive, which we found to be more respectful than saying "bullshit" rather than "amen" when the priest said, "the body of Christ"