There will not be a new post here tonight, but I'll come up with something on the morrow I suspect. I regret not having put up a post about Talk Like a Pirate Day, which fell on September the nineteenth.

The season premeir of Boston Legal was solid, though at times the pacing was perhaps a bit like Brad Chase's conversational demeanor. I will say some words more on this matter, as can be expected. In fact don't be surprised if you see commentary here in some form on each episode of the coming season.

Anyways I direct you to Courting Destiny. Would it not get redundant I would do so every day but there is a reason in particular for it now. There are some words there about me, followed by several words that I wrote.

Ok so I guess I lied this is pretty much a new post. But it's mostly boiler plate. The substance for now is housed elsewhere, so go to it, if that is the sort of thing you'd be liable to do.


  1. good stuff at pia's patrick

    ta for now babes

  2. You did a great job over at Pia's!


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing such a wonderful job

    Last week the Village Voice fired Bob Christagu who many people, not me, consider to be the "dean" of rock critique. Hope he gets another job

    However I know a younger, I think more talented, born rock critic

    shit, this should have been the into. Remind me in two weeks.

    TV--rock, they go together. Bought Bob Seeger's new CD--last week--can't get myself to open the plastic, because it probably is all plastic

    Next week, is the cult favorite--I am my own cult--the mastication IM

  4. Boston Legal has been one of my favourite imported shows, since - Who's The Boss.

    Okay, that's a lie - however, who cares about Tony Danza when there's Denny Crane?

    Denny Crane.

  5. Are you Sage? If so, the story was beautiful and captured a bittersweet feeling perfectly.

  6. Danielle: Who indeed. Shatner's shadow could eat Tony Danza whole.

    Anomie-atlanta: No, though that story was beautiful. I wrote the post below it.

  7. Oooh! Boston Legal's back? "Yes" says the Loverboy, "we have it"... and why on earth have I not seen it then??? Ay men!

    I MISSED your post at Pia's??? Forgive me sweet Wombat! I have been absent with much packing and handling of myriad crazy moments in this here land o' wackos!

    But I do loooove you! Does that make up for it? Pretty please? ;-)

  8. Well I hope you enjoy. Actually you were the reason why I didn't do a full review.

    Well, it's not like it isn't still there, and you have been busy, so for you I'll let that make up for it ;)

  9. Your post was lovely too!