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I decided instead of posting onto the end of the last entry I'd start a new one.

The other thing that struck me about V for Vendetta (the film portrayal, as I'm aware that it is different in the books) is that while V is labeled as a terrorist, and surely the tactics, the theactrics, and all are in line with what would be considered terrorism, his targets are symbolic. His actions don't inflict fear upon the general populace; only the oppressors. In the people he sought to and did inspire hope.

Essentially I would posit that when determining who is a terrorist and who is a freedom fighter, a key point may be who is labelling him which.

One last note about the film: I find it amusing that Christian fundies are bashing it for its treatment of Christians and homosexuals and yet saying nothing about the violence. Also there are people labelling it as anti-Catholic, and yet the hero is modelled after Guy Fawkes, a Catholic whose attempt to kill the king was motivated by the mornarch's utter lack of tolerance for Catholics. What a bunch of fucking brain surgeons.

Rehearsal today was... interesting. I have now vowed to keep myself clean of stubble whenever I am to be in the presence of a lady who could even possibly have the idea in her head that kissing me would be an okay thing to do.

That aside, there is a project in the works. I don't know when it will be revealed because I am not the only one involved. That is all for now


  1. Clean of stubble works for me ;-)

    An interesting line. But at some point killing is killing. We always have this outcry over innocent deaths, untargeted killings. But simultaneously everyone is innocent and no one is innocent. History and triumph usually distinguish between freedom fighter and terrorist.

  2. Reminds me of the ALF, Animal Liberation Front. They are called terrorists although I quie disagree. As a teen I read a book by Ingrid Newkirk, of PETA... basically, the ALF sneaks into places where horrible research is being performed on animals and they free all the animals. They then gather all the evidence necessary to show how these places to not stick to the guidelines set in place on animal experimentation (for horrible as it is there are guidelines which do not make it any less horrible but...) and submit whatever evidence they have to PETA who fights the legal end of the battle. Then, after ensuring that there is no one whatsoever around they tend to either cause as much dammage to the property as possible or blow the building up to cost these asses as much money as possible. No one is hurt or killed and such tactics are completely against what they stand for and yeah, blowing up these buildings has earned them the "terrorist" label... very subjective..

    I have yet to see the movie though!

    And pssst, glad to have you back!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I hope to see a movie or two soon. Have not seen Vendetta.

    do tell about the play.