In case I don't post tonight

I want to make it utterly clear that I have lifted any and all contempt I've ever had for Bill Gates. This has been made easier after he stepped down from Microsoft, having fallen short of his bid to take over the world. It appears now that he's intent on saving it instead. Observe.

Now I've made my position clear on abstinence-focused prevention. But what Gates attacks it at a different level, his argument commanding assent. Good one, Bill.


  1. (sigh of relief)

  2. Hmmm... well good for him.

  3. I was watching him the other night, on some repeat of the news at like three in the morning so I may be wrong, but I got the distinct impression that he has come to a time in his life when he realizes that if nothing matter then nothing matters and he has had enough of the this shit.

    It's easier to do with that left over ten billion but still.