A couple of notes.

One: I have completed the last two prompts. They can be found at the bottom of the previous post if you're up for some scrolling. Jemima I know you commented while you were typing this. Did you get to see the last two?

Two: It occurs to me that I haven't plugged Shayna's stroke of brilliance, the My Music Highway Project. I'm still trying to figure out, among all the songs I love, which to use. Pia's penultimate participation in the project (yes I recognize that chemical weapons are specifically allowed by the Geneva Convention in the case of unwarranted aliteration, but only two of you have the means to hunt me down and I doubt either of you bear me any ill will I'm not going to backspace all over that literary abortion) is most certainly worth the read, and not just because she plugs me in it ^_^.

In any case, I shal abed. Laters.


  1. Yes, I did. Sleep well.

  2. Thank you, darlin'... for the plug... :)

    and yes... Pia is plugging it very often... and I could just give her a big kiss for doing so... and if you keep plugging it... you may just get one as well! hehehe! ;)