This, that, and another thing

Ok word. So basically a couple of points before I do, well, whatever it is I end up doing with this points.

Congress finally renewed the Voting Rights Act. They were delayed, of course, by pressing issues such as flag burning and something that rhymes with it... oh wait no I mean that whole gay marriage ban thing. Oh and apparently some Congressmen took issue with it, but that totally doesn't mean they're rascist. Their complaints are super legitimate. Bi-lingual ballots? Out of the question! It's not exclusion or discrimination. They're merely trying to protect the sanctity of our Anglophonic national elections. For realz

Ok so on a much less relevent note, I saw the first person of the screen who I ever was nuts for, Amanda Bynes, in an adaptation of my favorite Shakespearian Comedy, the Twelfth Night. A world where that can go wrong is a severely problematic one. I mean fuck. If we can't handle such a simple task as making such a thing into a good movie then what chance do we have at beating global warming, ending world hunger, putting a stop to war, and getting Hillary Duff off of the airwaves? Ok so the movie wasn't a complete failure; it did many clever things. But if you are someone who gets paid to write, I will grade you on a steep curve. So if there is insipid shit in your movie, I will cut you no slack. Just an FYI in case anyone reading this is likely to write a movie script.

Oh yeah. I sort of said that I was going to do a thing. Jemima was kind enough to give me a pair of sentances, and I was going to fill the space in between. So if I could be given a moment... *ahem*

He slowly raised the grimy glass. "To the citizenry of Asmova. may there be plenty for all."

It was a strange scene, to say the least. A gathering of aristocrats at a long, lavishly adorned table with no food toasting with abominable glassware. Which was empty, at that. Though I suppose this was for the best, as the thought of actually drinking anything out of the glass I was holding, whose vast gathering of fungus seemed to be well on their way to establishing a civilization. Something was wrong. Especially with that lord mayor or whatever the hell politician had made the toast. But as I had no context for my surroundings, I had no fucking clue as to what it could be. Oh yeah. Did I mention? I had no clue where I was. Well I knew that wherever it was was called Asmova, but all that told me was that I was in an area I didn't know shit about. Basically I'd been to a hell of a party the night before and come out the victor of a grueling marathon of my favorite drinking game: "drink the beer." When I woke up I was in what seemed to be an 18th century outfit and some similarly dressed man was telling me that it was time for the reception.

You would be surprised how often that happens

The mayor... or, you know, whatever noticed I was staring at him... fuck. He started to walk towards me. I hastily retreated to the door, but somehow he caught me. I heard a strange noise and felt a steely grip upon my shoulder. I turned around to see that the eyes I was staring into were blinking red. Reacting quickly, I shouted, "He's an imposter!" and, reaching into a pocket, found that I had a water bottle. I emptied the contents into his face. Sparks flew, and He collapsed.

The entire assemblage turned and faced me with a whir and a clink, their eyes gleaming red.

"What did you do that for?"

Sorry it took me so long to follow up. Jemima, if you still want to play, how about these

It was all a lie.


I never did quite get that one right.

If anyone else wants to join in on the fun, just ask

I do believe that's it for all. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. i'm just neurotic enough to join in the fun here. gimme some sentences. it should be fun to watch me do absolutely nothing with them as i churn and chur in angst.

  2. churn and churn i mean. god. ack. eek. pffft.

  3. That as great wombat.
    I'm am always pleased to see an update of any kind here.;0

  4. Jrhomer: Lets see what you do with these.

    As fate would have it, we lost all control on Highway 61

    And as the sun set, we realized that we'd found the answer.

    Cooper: heh. Well I think I may have caught my stride again.

  5. Talented esoteric being you are... glad to see you hitting your stride! I have been outta the loop this week too. Life can sometimes just happen you know? Have a great weekend amigo!

  6. I'm clapping my hands maniacally and spinning round in my spinny round chair. It's always such fun in here.

    A vast gathering of fungus. Mmm. Do you know how I hate mushrooms? Tapping into my revulsions. Mayors, confusion and mushrooms. I think I'll have to just say "very evocative" and leave it at that. Hope the protagonist escapes intact.

    BTW I played Olivia in 12th Night when I was 17 (to rave reviews of course) and am quite fond of the play. We stripped away all the frippery, giving Sir Toby a cruel and manipulative edge, and tempering Lady O's grief with, erm, manipulative minxish playfulness. A success. Not the 'nicest' version, and no bad thing for that!

    Just as perhaps comics should be allowed to remain in the form they were created as, I think usually plays are meant to be performed in a restricted space to a visible, responsive audience. The American movie machine seems to think a movie is the ultimate form we should all strive for. I'd question this.

  7. Miz B: Well I'm glad you're back, too.

    JvS: Glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

    yeah, I had a feeling fungus wasn't your thing. I didn't intend it at the beginning, but now that I look it over I think it's pretty clear that the way this one ends is that the Doctor shows up and defuses the situation with a bold stroke.

    Wish I could have seen it. I love the idea of the interpretation.

    One of my ideas was to impose the setting of the Rocky Horror Show on it, but I'm wondering if that may just be more of a thing of novelty and not so much an idea that needs to be fleshed out. It would work, though.

    I'm not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater because of some of the horrendous adaptations to cinema I've seen. There have been some brilliant things done in that area. For instance, I urge you to get your hands on Scotland,PA It's a clever adaptation of Macbeth set in a fast food restaurant in PA 1975. And there are plenty of fantastic comic-to-movie adaptations, like Sin City and Batman Begins. Even She's the Man could have been excellent, but the excecution was shoddy and they passed on a lot of oppertunities for good humor. For one, they didn't even give the prospect of what Sir Toby Belch would be like if he was a high school student (oh yeah the thing took place at a boarding school) a chance, and they cut out the whole "Malvoleo goes mad" bit. Basically (and if there is any way to say this without it being a major ego thing that is what I am attempting) I think it could have been great if I had given the script a rewrite in pre-production.

    So I don't know. The American movie machine does seem to believe that film is the ultimate medium. And so far as expression of directoral vision is concerned, they may be right as its the medium in which the director has the most control. Of course in general it's a tossup. Some brilliant things can be done with film. But when they are done it is by far more often in spite of the machine than because of it.

    So are you going to join the game?

  8. Hmmm.... I thought about writing a script... but now I am fear that you would wrip me a new one... :)~ just pickin'... :)~

    Love the story...

  9. Talk about political pandering...the VRA renewal was such a joke...sorta like the flag-burning ban.

    Nothing like politicians wasting tax dollars by promoting or stalling bills to make themselves look good to the Lobbyist of the Week paying for their campaign ads.


  10. I can't spell worth a flip....