Another memo from the editorial staff

It greatly pleases us to be able to address you, the readers of this occasionally regular feature, once more. To be fair, while it always pleases us to address you, it pleases us even more given what happened last time. Luckily, the boss' killer drones were malfunctioning, and he got bored whilst trying to repair them. In any case, a promise was made that there would be an offering here tonight and while in the more specific aspects of the promise could not be upheld, we beseech you on behalf of our kind and merciful (or at least easily distracted) employer that he be forgiven, as he is at the moment barely able to stand what for over 24 hours of sleeplessness. Nonetheless, there are some notes to be made. Namely:

If this happened in real life, the world would be a better place.

has taken up the challenge presented in this space and has performed more than admirably. Jhromer has done so as well, with distinct yet similar success. I'm glad it finally caught on

Our President is being a bitch again. The editorial staff of Ramblings of an Idle Insomniac has little more to say in regards to this.

In short, your favorite (I hope?) nocturnal longhaired quasi-giant blogger will be back in the very near future, but for now, he must recover.

Yours in rambling,
The Editorial Staff.


  1. jemima did a heck of a job wombat.

  2. That was so theatrical.. I used long pauses and over annunciated a few words in my head when I read it! Bravo.. Encore.. And what the fuck is up with that BUSH! I want to hear him say .. SHIITTAKE MUSHROOMS HAHA!

  3. LOL... too funny, jemima...

    hope your back soon! :)~