There is a reason I'm late I swear to you

surOk so I woke up today at about 3 PM, sore. I'd had a lot of sleep debt from the weekend, because when I am in good company I do not sleep if a single other person is awake, as such is an affront. Not many will take it as such, but what I'm saying is it would be an affront to everything I stand for as a person for me to do so.

So, after waking up yesterday I had some minor shit to take care of and before I knew it it was 6 and time to head to rehearsal. Ok so I told you about a potential quirk. I didn't say anything at the time because I wasn't sure I was going to be cast in that specific play, though I had a good idea. Anyways, the play is called Ticking, and it focuses on a group of college students dealing with the fact that the world was going to end in 6 hours.

And at some point near the end everyone is making out with one another. There are two males and three females in this play. Allow me to restate. Everyone.

I have three friends who have thus far assured me that they will be in attendance for every performance based on this alone.

Rehearsal went well. The script could use some work, but the cast appears solid.

After rehearsal I met up with three of my cousins from California and a bunch of other family members to walk along the Charles and eat pizza. And by the time I got home, writing was not really all that much of a possibility.

So. The reunion.

It was rainy as all hell up there but that didn't stop us. Luckily the main portion of the party took place under a canopy, with music and food and family and all that. outside the canopy there was a horseshoe pitch, from which my cousin of the same name and I were ousted earlier than was expected. Later on, there was a limbo contest. And while this was easily dominated by the childs who had yet to grow to beyond my waist, I made with a bit of shock and awe that I will post here as soon as I have a photo of it. Afterwards, I handed Ophelia to my cousin Jason, who plugged in his amp as I grabbed my uncle's beat-up aucostic and we made with some jams. We actually don't know many of the same full songs so it was essentially improvised blues and such with me playing some simple rhythms (the warped neck of the acoustic, which I name Prometheus, necessitated this, as did my somewhat embarrassing lack of chord memorization.) This continued until he had to leave, and then I proceeded to fence a cousin's boyfriend (who is a fencer, which I am not) with wiffleball bats. A friend of my cousin Ryan (for whose wedding this celebration was called) came by and insisted that I join them in LARPing if at all possible at some point in the future.

So afterwards, those of us spending the night made it back to our campsites. Fires were built and revelry was had until and after the rangers came by to quiet us. At around two, the newest addition to our family came up with the idea to go down to the lake and swim.

I want you to take a guess as to what the general state was of people going down there. I want you to look at my name and take a guess at my nationality. This was a fantastic idea. Night swimming in a lake is an awesome thing. But as one might expect, noise was a concern. There was a lot of it. Still more when the truck came. It barrelled down the road at fuck of all near 60 miles an hour in a manner that would put the life of anyone on the road in peril. A park ranger came out and shouted at us louder than any of us had shouted, with a lisp. He said that an official report of the incident had been filed and that he wouldn't be surprised if my family were never to be allowed back at Pawtuckaway State Park again. Then he drove off. We started to leave, but then in a moment that made the entire party for me, we all turned back and went into the water, where we stayed for at least another half hour before we finally went back to a campsite and dried off by the fire that according to the rules should have been extinguished by midnight.

That morning, I woke up after maybe an hour's sleep to the ranger shouting. He was shouting at the occupants of the campsite adjacent to mine, who were far removed from the previous night's events and of no connection to the family (what a fucking brain surgeon). He then moved on to mine and I got out of the tent and fixed upon him a look that I hope let him know what I thought of him. He told me that we all had to be out in an hour's time. I don't know why I didn't give him shit. Anyways, the party was moved to my aunt(Ryan's mother)'s house and by the time I got home I had partied for three days and gotten maybe that many hours of sleep.

In short, it was a hell of a time.

I just want to point out that my family rocks too hard for the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire.


  1. It's the limbo thing that still mystifies me with your height and all.

    Seriously wombat your an actor certainly kissing "everyone" is something you just may have to get used to.

    Congratualtions of getting the part and the limbo.....which without video I still have my doubts about.

  2. your family sounds amazing and you sound great for taking on this role. my hat off to you. you have my respect as a fellow actor.

  3. You have the most amazing family reunions. We just analyze each other. In front of the person

    Love how you have to be the last to go to sleep

    About the play...pictures please

  4. About that writing game thing...here are some suggestions I have:

    beginning: i refused to name the cat moriarty.

    end: she offered to pay for the tattoo.

    beginning: never trust a doorman.

    end: that's why orange juice is good for you.

    beginning: so i've heard he has a sixth toe.

    end: who knew an old spiegel catalog could be so fascinating

    beginning: my landlady sells heroin on the side

    end: is a hot bank teller too much to ask?

  5. Cooper: I'm pretty used to the idea. I just think that the results will be interesting.

    I will do my best to prove it.

    Jromer: There aren't many roles I wouldn't take. Not sure if that makes me deserving of respect. I'm not entirely sure that it doesn't make me a whore =P. But in any case thanks.

    Pia: Our analysis is a little more covert, but it's totally there. As is the bickering. We try (not always successfully) to put it on hiatus when we're having a good time though.

    Well I was the person escorting the ladies back to their sites, what with my flashlight and superior inertia. But hell, this site got its name for a reason.

    There will be pics, I have no doubt, as my friends will be eager to immortalize the moment. But I'm not sure when I'll have them as we aren't exactly passing around a polaroid at rehearsals.

    Jromer: You know, the more I think about it the more I like the idea of this being an ongoing thing. I'll probably do something with each of them. Probably one long piece and a lot of short ones.

  6. So... will we get to see clips from the play??? :)

    Can I come to your next family reunion... I can be the aunts friends brothers cousin... :)

  7. Well I hope you're sleeping properly now ;-) sounds like a hell of an event.

    So it's normal to name your guitars then? Ok, but is it normal to name yourself after the guitar you named? I'm not so sure. Still, I'm happy.

    Should there be a monthly start/end prompt happening? Doing it every week sounds too demanding to me. But I'm right behind keeping it going.

  8. Lol...dontcha just LOVe those shouting rangers ;)

    I missed my mom's family reunion last weekend, since my liver can only take so much hopping from one X-times removed cousin's bar to another and, yeah, no desire to get into another family barfight...

    Lol...sounds like one hell of a trip, definitely!