Medea: done

And apparently, it didn't suck. Due to some miracle, all lines were memorized, and all performances, save for that of the male lead, were elevated. The costumes basically sucked, save for that of Medea herself, which she heavily altered. The cutting of the play was abysmal. Basically every line that sounded great was removed from the performance. Still, everyone who came to see me enjoyed the play, and my performance in particular, so I guess it was ok.

Hmm... it's May 13th. Sorta snuck up on me.

Not that May 13th itself has any significance. Rather, its that I didn't realize until I saw the computer calendar today that my birthday is in two days. Turning 20... yeah, I guess I don't have much to say about that.

Or anything else at the moment. I could have sworn I had some things to say.

Hate it when that happens.


  1. You always have things to say. Happy almost birhday

    Glad that the performance went better than expected.

  2. Considering you post almost every day, it couldnt be that you have nothing to say.

    Its jus the joy of turning 20, probably.

  3. One day now which is why you are the only non mother person whose blog I a commenting on tonight ( this morning).

    Ewww can't wait until you are twenty ....we will be the same age.

    I'm glad the play went better than expected.


  4. Happy Bday Wombat! Hope your 20th is nice.. Next year 21 bro! WOOT! Congrats on the play! Enjoy your 20's, they go fast!

  5. Pia: yeah, it's just that I often wish I had more things to say. Thank you.

    De.ville: This is true.

    Cooper: I'm honored of course.

    We're the same age now! Woooo! for 16 days! We should make the best.

    Frap Gurl: Will very much take heed. Thanks so much for the good wishes