Are. You. Shitting. Me.

So I came in to rehearsal today, expecting to be costumed. No, not a male diva thing. There were supposed to be costumes for this rehearsal. It was, after all, a DRESS REHEARSAL. But no. No costumes. The costumer, who's been on board with this affair since day one, has YET TO PRODUCE A SINGLE FUCKING COSTUME. We were scheduled to go up on Thursday. That has been cancelled due in part to the lack of costuming and also in part due to the fact that the play has been thoroughly underrehearsed. Now we're going minimalist and only playing one show.


This post may expand.

UPDATE 1:34 AM, 5/11

There were costumes today, in a sense. There were a bunch of sheets with ropes. Some had frills. They were in a box, unlabelled as to which costume went to which character. We still aren't sure what the hell the deal is, and the costumer is not availible for comment. Indeed, she apparently made the costumes while Robotrippin. This is not a joke. This is something that actually happened. The rehearsal went better, but it's still not there. I've done all I can to get my performance down and give my fellow thespians good notes on theirs. But I limit myself there as if I give too many and come off as a know-it-all I can be certain that none of my advice is used. I'm good at evaluating performances, but I've yet to master the art of putting that skill to use without bruising the ego of the given actor.

On top of that I have a paper to finish... I'll do that and maybe be back later.

UPDATE 8:52 PM, 5/11/2006

I may just keep expanding this until the play is done. Rehearsal today lasted maybe 30 minutes. There's going to be another one 2 hours before the show. Ugh.

I went to turn in my paper to find that the teacher wasn't there. Suffice to say, I'm pissed.

Oh, and I can't imagine that you haven't seen this already, but Me+Cooper=hilarity. I'd say that we also equal hot, but that may come off as lacking in modesty. Ah whatever.


  1. Expand it. Hate people who take on responsibliities and don't live up to them, or at the least don't try to find other people to.

    So sorry about your play

    Of course I just added a giant addendum to my post that's as long as the original post--and thanks Wombat.

    Don't really want you to turn 20 next week--love you being a brilliant but human 19 year old.

    Gives me much hope and faith in the future

  2. Aw.. that sucks but it is experience. Hate people who don't do what they are supposed to.

    I originally read your first line as,
    "So I came in to rehearsal today, expecting to be cosumed" , and was like..what's up with that I may need glasses. LOL

    Yes, do expand wombat.

  3. It deserves expansion. I'd be pissed...I can't stand people that drop the ball like that.

  4. that would piss me off so bad!

  5. Oh poor EW... :(

    Well... I suppose... "practice makes perfect??????"

  6. Two days of teaching and I miss two posts! Oh no!

    Yes, do expand away as we love reading you!

    Back in high school we used to say that our critiques had two parts. The first was "What I liked about the performance" and the second was not "What I didn't like" but "What needed improvement"... it helped set one up into a constructive criticism mindset and we could not use any negative phrasings such as "what did not work", or "what I didn't like"... we had to be creative and get the message across differently and it really helped. Give that a try!

  7. Pia: Awww...

    Alas, all things must pass. Though I have to say that if I constitute hope for the future we're in trouble. =P

    Cooper: I've lived long enough to know not to expect to be consumed.

    Vesper: I can imagine. Honestly I'll be pissed at her if we're ever face to face but I think this whole business is hilarious.

    Shayna: In the words of my old band instructor, "practice makes good. practice makes better. You get that part down before you worry about perfect."

    Miz B: Not to worry though I have missed you.

    Indeed, that's the method I use. But a lot of actors see that as yet another tactic. Egos and all that. My fallback line is, "why don't you try..." Of course, how an actor responds to my critiques is logged in my head and stored away for future reference as to who I want to work with.

  8. I say hot and hillarious. ;)

  9. Well then now it has some credibility ^_^

  10. I haven't been paying attention obviously, I had no idea you were a thespian!

    Its sucks when other people don't do their part. Keep venting, we're listening :-)

  11. Yeah, I usually only mention it in passing...

    Thank you. I shall.

  12. Yeap... you and coop... to cute and funny! ummm... can I use the word cute?

    Anyway... I truly hope your performance and opening night is spectacular... Got to run... I'm at work... :(


  13. Well, if that's the method you use then they need to toughen up or get a clue... you cannot advance without constructive criticism and some of my best work was directly related to tweaks and changes that arose out of said criticisms... don't worry about their bruised egos! That's their problem!

  14. Shayna: I've never objected to it ^_^

    Opening night and closing night were one and the same. The organizers for this thing are a bunch of mindles jerks who'll be first up against the wall when the Revolution comes.

    That having been said, the play went a lot better than I expected. Which isn't to say that it was particularly good... but I was able to please those who came to see me, so all was well.

    Miz B: Oh you have no argument from me. But I'm not the director of this play, so here I have no standing... so yeah.