Happy Birthday, Cooper

As some of you may already know, an amazing woman was born 21 years ago today. On the eve of her birthday, she blogged about a cause dear to her heart. I'd be remiss now not to link you up to the post, which takes residence at Darfur: An Unforgivable Hell on Earth. She's demonstrated time and again that her compassion is inexhaustable.

Is it any wonder that we love her?

I ran into her about a year back. Her first comment was to a meme and in it she said I was, "well on my way to becoming a great writer." But don't hold that against her. In every other instance she's been known to have impeccable taste. =P

I wasn't the first to make a note of the day... Pia beat me to it, and her post describes Coop near as well as one could hope. Pia is fond of saying that she wishes Cooper was her daughter. If you'll all ignore what's very weird about me saying this I completely understand the sentiment. If you all won't ignore it then, well, fuck.

It's no big secret that Coop and I spend a lot of time chatting online at night. Sometimes a very long time. There are few I enjoy talking with so much. And Cooper, I'm sorry if I ever kept you up too late I really didn't mean to cut into your beauty sleep but you have to understand I couldn't bring myself to stop.

Not that she needs any excess of beauty sleep, I don't think. And it seems so frivilous to mention this among her other virtues, but she is quite beautiful. Of course, I knew she had a beautiful mind before she ever told me that that infamous ass pic wasn' taken by her but rather of her. I was rather amused when she demanded that I do something to figure out why that turned up on BIO.

Well Coop we're not the same age anymore so I guess you've got license to make a note of my slightly lesser number of years again. Anyways basically what I'm saying is to enjoy the hell out of this day insofar as you are capable. And I know it's totally the most predictable thing in the world but here's my gift to you

I'd be posting a song as well but honestly I've got nothing but I am open to requests.
In any case, Happy Birthday, Cooper. It may just be a thing of a planet on rotation around the sun, but the hell if there isn't going to be at least one day to celebrate you.


  1. Happy Birthday, darlin' Cooper! :)

  2. Anonymous12:27 AM

    God what an arrogant prick-ess I was eh?

    You wanna be my Daddy Wombat?

    Thanks babe and I'm not real sure that everyone knew that was my ass.........opps well they do know.

    We'll tawk.

  3. fuck that was me.

  4. Shayna: Yay!

    Cooper: You know, maybe I should try that whole "backspace" key thing out every now and again =P. Ummm... Just because I can understand a point of view doesn't mean I hold it?.

    Heh. You did say it was yours on your blog. And then people forgot and I recognized it when you did that celebrity face thing and you said the same thing again. Basically what I'm saying is that if people don't know that it was your ass by now, they either haven't seen the pic or will forget in about a month anyways.

  5. Yep, we love Cooper. Happy Birthday chica.

    Wombat's present looks yummy.

    "arrogant prick-ess"? LOVE that.

  6. That Cooper's one smart cookie. Continued happy birthday wishes to her and greetings to you EW!

  7. What a beautiful birthday salute! She is indeed special and I for one just looooveeee the Coop fo sho!

    Happy Birthday Cooper and here's to some great late night conversation between the two of you... follow the bohemian ways and throw some raunchin there, will you? ;-)

  8. by god, if that wasn't a badass post for our cooper! lovely post, wombat. and cooper, you amazing woman, happy birthday. belated, really. hope it was a very good one.

  9. Cowgirl: Me too.

    Sar: That she is.

    Nice to see you

    Miz B: Heh. Word. Um... You mean like raunch besides the standard faire, mastication and all that? I very much think my lips are sealed

    Tran: Well it's good to see that you made it by. She is amazing, huh?

  10. Great post and great comments

    Didn't know the ass was Cooper's. Do now:-)

    Cooper's amazing for many things. Not the least was leading me to the Wombat

  11. That was eloquence that comes straight form the heart. Wow.