I heard a joke the other night and I think there's more to it than one would guess.

Here's the situation. Apparently there are three pregnant women are in the waiting room waiting (as one oft does in the waiting room) to get their ultrasounds. Their haircolors are of some import it seems. One is
a brunette, another a redhead, and the third a blonde. They were passing the time discussing their conditions, and began to espouse theories in regards to the small thing growing inside them.

the brunette posits: "
I know that I'm going to have a girl because I was on top"
the redhead ponders this, and after some consideration she says, "I know that I'm going to have a boy because we did it the old fashioned way"

The blonde, hearing this, grins. Her eyes light up, and she beams: "Oh my God! I'm going to have a puppy!"

Of course, one is expected to believe that this woman thought that because she engaged in "doggystyle" sex, she would as a result give birth to the canine. In fact, due to her haircolor, it is generally taken on assumption that she must be an idiot.

But how smart are the other two? How backwards do you have to be to believe that positioning has any bearing on gender? We don't even expect that sort of buffoonery from blondes.

And I for one don't believe that the blonde in question was guilty of it. The way I see it, she bore witness to two examples of extreme stupidity and came up with a brilliant and witty response to it, which puts the absurdity of the two other women's ideas in a perfect light.

But that was lost on the observers, who couldn't see past her haircolor and rushed to tell their friends about the stupid thing they heard some blonde say.

Discrimination in action

Speaking of discrimination, I may have started a fight over at this woman's blog. She cited Cooper as a part of a supposed movement of liberal hypochondriacs where such things as sexism and racism are concerned, who in turn linked to her ridiculous claim that the fact that it took 5 years for American Idol voters to select a white male victor means that those two problems are not pervasive in our culture. Nevermind that she didn't refute any of the points Cooper raised in her sexism post, by her logic, Taylor Hicks as a victor means that American women like 30 year old grayhaired men.

So anyways, it is a matter of public record that I jump at the chance to shoot down Cooper's detractors because (among other reasons that are also extremely well-documented) I am rather jealous of her for the dimwitted detractors she seems to attract. Anyways I built a simple and effective argument against it, and then I signed it with a parthian shot, and now someone of even less affect has taken me to task for it. Miz B backed me up (much thanks to my favorite Bohemian), and it seems we're in a bit of a pissing match. I find the whole thing rather amusing and it can all be found in the above link.

Of course, none of you exhibit the astounding lack of common sense to make the leap that Libeau did, but I don't think any of us, myself included, would be done wrong by the reminder that the words you type on these interwebs have a tendancy to be found. Sure, you can often take them back, but often then it becomes apparent to all that you deleted it and it's just really better to be sure that there is some evidence of intelligence behind one's words. This one it seems went to Harvard Law, so in theory she has a brain, but she had me fooled.

I had an idea for a different post the other night and lost it. Should I find it again I may get it to youse all later tonight.


  1. OMG

    Wombat you know well I don't need anyone to defend - she also included Helen Thomas so I feel honored anyway.

  2. Cooper... I think Wombat and I simply enjoy messing with idiots... that's a part of it and then you... well, we just gotta love you!

    Wombat, as always, it is a pleasure to jump into the thick of things with a Wombat as esoteric as you! Fo sho!

    Sooooo.... I take it you like blondes then? ;-p

  3. That joke simply reinforces my belief that you should attempt as many positions as possible just to be safe.

    Went over and read about your little tiff at that woman's blog..if you people are that tenacious about American Idol
    puh-lease let me know when you are going to tackle Iraqistan?

    I will always stay on your good side 'cause improvistas are too damn quick on their feet for my liking..

    be a dear and say hello to the Kennedys for me while you're yachting this weekend.

  4. I think blondes get a bad rap. But I do know several that embrace the sterotype...even though it comes from a bottle.

    Have an awesome weekend. I'll be on and off the lake most of mine...not quite the water you got there, but good enough. ;)

  5. Cooper: Yes I know I don't but I think you know just as well that I like to.

    Miz B: You're right of course. We should do this more often.

    I don't really have a preference for blonde hair... doesn't really do anything for me unless it's just right. I do, however, have a great many good friends who are blondes.

    homo escapeons: Not about American Idol. It's about the absurdity involved in the attempts to simply dismiss the notion that racism and sexism are a problem.

    Yeah. I'll say hi to them because obviously to be a liberal from Massachusetts means liking the Kennedys and in fact going yachting with them.

    Cowgirl: I think I can understand that actually. It must come with some lisence.

    The water around here actually isn't all that fantastic. Need to hit the road for a ways to get to the good stuff. Hope you enjoy the hell out of yours.

  6. Or the blonde could have been into bestiality and been doing Scooby Doo. Assuming is bad, unless it's "the position".

    Funny post.

  7. I love that you took this joke apart. Too often people get away with reinforcing vile assumptions in the name of 'it was just a joke'.

    I have a reputation as being a bit humourless because I don't (won't) laugh at unfunny jokes. In reality I have a super sense of humour. Really, I do.

    Here's to more analysis! Huzzah.

  8. I think this was a smart blonde upping a finger at the other typical blonde jokes. She grinned, so its probably that

  9. Relax, I get the absurdity.
    Your country is famous for it's bipolarism regarding racism and sexism.
    I'm sorry if you took my Kennedy line the wrong way, pardon me.

  10. Let: Well of course you know what one is doing when they're assuming. They're...uh making an ass out of you and Ming

    JVS: I think it's important to make the distinction between blonde the haircolor and blonde the archetype. I've known many people who fall under blonde the archetype, some of whom aren't natural blondes. And of course, know many smart natural blondes. I heard the joke from one of them.

    That having been said there are plenty of people whose worldviews are influenced by jokes like that one so I guess it's a toss-up. The most important thing as always, with jokes and in fact their dissemination, is knowing one's audience. I'm glad you liked the post, and I'll be sure to write more like it.

    De.vile: Well the problem is it doesn't seem to have worked out well for her. I'm doing what it can to help.

    homo escapeons: When you say the words, "you people," it's hard to expect anyone to take what you're saying the "right" way.