Typed groggily in the morning, in abject opposition to custom

Pope John Paul the second is being remembered today in Rome. Catholics all over can't wait to make this man a Saint. As a dude who is still trying to excise Catholicism from his psyche, I will say that my departure from the Church was hastened by his actions. It was of course inevitable, but I might just have lasted long enough to get confirmed and claim the gifts that come to the newly confirmed in my rather large Irish Catholic extended family. What am I referring to? What on earth was such a blight on this "holy man"'s legacy?

Well for one, he put into place the policies that kept pederast priests in circulation. That they could still yet work with children, so long as no one knew. He also saved Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston from potential prosecution by giving him a cushy job in rome. Not that he was going to get put in the can for it. The Massachusetts attorney general is a Catholic.

Also under his direction, missionaries in Africa told their parishioners that condoms provide no protection against HIV, and that abstinence was the only way... because teaching abstinance has always worked, remember?

The law of God is higher than the law of Man, they say. And they say that the Pope speaks infallibly. So is that higher than law? Or truth? Or human dignity?

Even if absolute power doesn't corrupt absolutely in this case, it's still a shitty idea.

So I finally got my laptop back. Spending a lot of time just downloading all the Windows Updates.

Got a new IM client though. gAIM is the real deal.

Daaaaaaamn its weird typing on this tiny keyboard after so long.

Didn't prank or get pranked at all this April Fools. Was considering doing something here but didn't really form any good ideas and figured that a pronouncement of my death would have been in poor taste.

Enjoyed the hell out of Miz Bohemia's Spain rant
Hope that doesn't mean it's Schadenfreude. Just love the tone that chica takes when she flies into a rage.

has reopened the discussion of rape. I don't think I have anything to add to the discussion, but it's more than worth a read, as is Pia's response at BIO

catalogues a vindictive act which has my full support.

As for me? I need to get the hell out of this house and get some Frisbee going, but no one around here seems to be on it.



  1. Schadenfreude or no, glad you enjoyed it! I guess I should rant more often and living here, there is plenty to rant about! DIOS MIO! ;-)

    The Pope... yikes! Do not get me started on him! Unfortunately, mysogyny is greatly the name of the game over at the Vatican and in Spain, Catholic country or no, many people, especially women, or sick of it all and rightfully so!

    Have a good Sunday amigo and may it be frisbee-licious! Ole y ole!

  2. Ahah... we think a lot a like... have you ever noticed? Or did you read my April 1st post before you thought of death.

  3. I'm with you on the old dead pope. Such a joke I can't even begin to see how someone hailed as a great humanitarian could have been at the helm
    of such things. I also do no understand why these people are living in an almost decadently opulent place instead of n s stark room somewhere in Siberia.

    You got Gaim for sure.

    Hope you had some Frisbee time and that your brother got his groove on and left you alone.

  4. One of your best posts. I'm too mind numbed to talk coherently, but did have the Catholic church in mind when I talked about the Robert Chambers case.

    If you don't know about it, raad about it. The Church paid for his defense and tried to pin it on the girl he killed, Jennifer Levin, a cultural Jew like me. She had loose morals; he was just a handsome boy

  5. My two youngest boys go to Catholic school..and swear like maniacs(age 6 and 7)! This is not my choice! Fuck religion!

  6. Awesome post. Religion and I don't agree alot, except for that whole "Golden Rule" thing. It is just too damned commercialized and materialistic anymore. The hypocrisy makes me laugh.

    It is too damn windy here for frisbee. Tornadoes went through again last night.