Here I am, posting in the morning again. I wanted to go live just as Pia's much-awaited surprise did, but I realized that real journalists don't post things at midnight. Which brings me to what exactly it is that I'm talking about. It's no great secret that we adore Pia here at Ramblings of an Idle Insomniac (wow, really need to change my blog title to something I can use in the editiorial without sounding clunky), and therefore, it is a great pleasure to announce:

Pia Savage on the cover of the Long Island press


I have been dying to spill this one for it seems like months. I'll admit that a small part of this twitchy (squashed) impulse has had to do with my tiny part in the matter (read it! find out what the hell I'm talking about! go! now!)

Alice was quick to make note of it. I'm somewhat puzzled as to why I was questioned and she wasn't; I mean, she's actually living in New York... But I'm not sufficiently puzzled to drag anyone ever coals to get answers. That business is never good for PR anyways.

I'm damned proud of Pia. If there's anyone who deserves the press, it's her. Here's hoping this catches some eyes, and perhaps gets some ink in the shape of her name onto a fortuitous document, resulting in more paper, more ink, and an even cooler cover sitting on a well-exposed shelf at Barnes and Noble.

Unnecessarily oblique? Hell yes I am!

Kudos to April Jimenez as well. She wrote an excellent piece, and steered clear of the OMG BLOGS! squeaking that much of the MSM has handled the matter with. If by any chance you're reading this, April, it was great talking to ya.

This is going live right now. I have something else to post and it will appear below when it's done.


  1. I loved the piece! Pia is great and that is a fact and April did a great job on the piece indeed! I did love me a certain Patrick's quotes in there too! Oweeee!

  2. Had one of those really strange family dinners tonight--and this cheered me up so much