Another daytime post. Feels weird.

Want to wish Shayna a happy belated birthday. She's at the beginning of the end of her twenties. It was a hell of a party. Sar's birthday comes in two days, Alice's a month and change thereafter, and mine close following

I answered the door the other day. Man with a clipboard. Never liked to see a clipboard on my doorstep. Probably makes me a hypocrite; I went door to door with a clipboard for a couple of weeks one summer. So I guess I owed this man a moment or so at least. It was a petition to put another name on the ballot in local elections. I'm all for it.

"What's he running on?"

"He's a Democrat"

"No, I mean what's his platform. What will he do if he's elected."

"Everything needed to better the lives of his constituents"

Fucker. If he'd given me a real answer, no matter what it was, I would have signed his petition.

I went bowling with a friend last night. I'd never done ten pin; only candlepin (endemic to New England. info found here if you're interested. Of course, when bowling occurs, The Big Lebowski is quoted. It's just what happens. What threw us off though was the guy who walked in during the game. Spitting image of The Dude. Only he's a cop. Weird.

On the way back we decided we'd write a play. Spur of the moment. Realized that we tend to have funny conversations and that it could be channeled into something performable. So my late night coffee runs are now going to have a purpose. Wonder if that detracts from them.

When I got back I watched three episodes of Penn and Teller's Bullshit! Going to hunt down more. Wish Showtime hadn't stopped them from tackling Scientology. Anyways, one of the episodes dealt with a topic of recent debate here in the blogosphere. That, coupled with some things that I've learned in my psychology class have given me the urge to reopen, but I'm abstaining for now.

Was going to write this post about twelve hours ago, but I caffeinecrashed. Turns out that's a danger when you hang out with someone you usually just get coffee with for a day.

Think I'll have something more to say tonight. Hope I do. Don't like to stay in silence.

See you all around.


  1. Caffeinecrashed - know the feeling.

    Not sure things are ever the same after they actually have a purpose. Ruins the spontaniety (sp) of it. But that's just me.

    Whats up with the kabash on the scientology? That would have been super funny shit, coming from Penn and Teller.

  2. I watched a Penn and Teller boyscout episode the other night while half asleep. I think you would have liked it.

    Hope for more tonight.

  3. Cowgirl: I know. Would have been awesome. Either the Church of Scientology has an inside man, or they're just a bunch of wusses at Showtime.

    Alice: I'm thinking it'll be signifigantly on the late side.

  4. Interested in reading the play! I hate politicians that can't define themselves.......!

  5. Sorry about your comment on my B-day blog being sent to my Moderation section... I don't know what happened :(

  6. Just popping in to say hola!

    I already sent my info in for the primaries and for my absentee ballot.

    I hate Bush. Hate him.

    Laura Bush was on TV here today. I hate her and want to beat her... badly...

    They make my blood boil beyond belief... too much for even a rant on the subject so off I go to read your other posts... man, you've been a posting machine!