Is it just me?

The days since my last post have been days of drama where my net connection is concerned. And it turns out I may not be done tinkering, as apparently my router is cramping my speed. The problem with computers is that there seems to be no interest in making them work properly. In a sane world, if it was found that a router needed to be set differently to allow for maximum efficiency with one computer and multiple computers connected, respectively, it would have a device installed in it to switch settings when you put more computers onto it.

But then again, you don't need to look very far to see that we do not live in a sane world. And while one may, in passing, meet a sane person in it, or at least one who is sane in the ways that matter, it seems that if not every single person who makes decisions that effect our lives, then at least most, are off their rockers, out of their skulls, out to lunch, batshit insane, touched in the head, fucked 8 ways from Sunday, squikked, zany, balmy, flipped, gone bananas, lost their marbles, bonkers, cracked, flipped, loco, unhinged, screwy, nuts, or one ::item:: short of a ::group of or including said item::

has blogged on a telling example of this in her guest post over at Sar's.

A ban on sex toys. Either an attempt by a patriarchal society to enact a monopoly on genital stimulation or another salvo fired in the war on wanking. Either way, it sucks. I'm going to be dropping in on the brawl throughout its progression, so I'm going to leave my covering of the topic at that.

A friend of mine told me that I was born to be gay or bi. That I exhibit the qualities of every non-heterosexual person he's known. Wasn't quite sure what to say to that. I mean, I'm a theater person, so that's always taken as evidence right off the back, and doubly so given that there are quite a few musicals I like.

No class Friday. Think I'm going to take my guitar out to the park and sit by the hills and play. That's the one thing I regret about opting for an electric, but it's no great setback.

Oh right. Check this strip out. It's goddamned hilarious.

The people who did the actual study would have you believe that gamers are more likely to smoke pot, but in reality it said that more of them were polled to have "permissive attitudes" towards alcohol and marijuana. Moreover, they revealed no numbers, save for the number of people polled: 100. So to recap, College students like to play games, drink, and smoke weed. No shit.

Oh wait. Hold that. College students like to play games and are allright with people drinking and smoking weed. Someone was paid to find this out. Like, money.

(refers back to the list) batshit fucking loco. Ok, that wasn't there, but still. People out there? Could you try sucking a little less? Just a bit? Or hell, go nuts, but just keep it off of me, will ya?


  1. LOVE the brawl at Sar's today. Excellent post.

    The link didn't work for the study done on college students. However, why in the hell would anyone need a study to prove that? Hasn't that fact been consistent for quite a few decades?

    "fucked 8 ways from Sunday" - I am adding this to my vocabulary.

    Oh, and I have been accused of being a lesbian several times (mainly by guys confused about why they can't get into my pants, or because my girlfriends and I dance together (remember I am in the corn desert)), but any gay person can tell I am straight a block away. I can tell you are straight through the computer screen. ;)

  2. touched in the head...

    Haha never heard that one.. I prefer wingnut.. and I live above one.. post later in the week on my new collection of his antics!

    My 2 best friends in school Kelli and Donny..and Moi..the 3 Amigos.. Kelli and I always thought that about him, SHE even went so far as to do him! After graduating he would arrive at my house while I was hung the fuck over after a night of watching porns with those 2 and under-age drinking... and HE WOULD.. OPEN ALL MY FUCKING CURTAINS! Bagels in tow... Later he fessed the hell up to us.. don't know why he took so long to do it! He was on the Stage Crew.. hehe.. But one hell of a guy! He is now a flight attendant..

  3. Cowgirl: link fixed. Didn't link to the study as there was no useful information in it. The comic it links to however is hilarious. The nature of sexual orientation is actually something I'm going to discuss at some point. It's fascinating how nebulous it is.

    Frap Gurl: Huh. None of the gay dudes I know open the curtains after a long night, especially not a long night of drinking. That's a special little dose of sucrose-enema that I beleive trancends sexual orientation.

  4. Stupid study.


    Life is a caberet old chum. ;)

  5. ... or at least one who is sane in the ways that matter...

    Loved that line...

    Being from SF and having mostly homosexual and bisexual friends my gadar did not beep with you... I would take it as a compliment though. It does depend who says it to you though. Back in college a perv theater professor I had thought me a lesbian but he said it in an oh-I-am-imagining-you-naked-and-romping-around-with-your-best-friend-whom-I-mistook-for-your-girlfriend kinda way which was just creepy. Other than that, probably for the same reasons as Cowgirl...

    And yep, Shayna's post rocked and good arguments over there Wombat... but then again when aren't they good!

  6. If you don't like that we can do bi bi Byrdie. ;)

  7. Happy Easter bro!


    2:57 PM

  8. that link is a 30 sec clip up there... here is the entire song... hehehe http://s48.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0OE06662XC9B31Z1ARG43QCVCW

  9. See Friends with money. Every husband appears gay

  10. Oh Patrick... never ever thought of you gay or bi... Just because you are theater major and like musicals... Those to me are the hottest men! :)~

    Wish i could hear you play by those hills! ;)

    Take care and thank you for brawling over at Sar's with me... :)~

  11. Alice: Yeah, saw that one coming.

    Miz B: It does matter who it comes from, and in this case it was from my friend who is himself bi. Which is actually most of the reason why I wasn't sure what he was driving at.

    Alice: That one I didn't see coming. Good one.

    Candi: Broken... I'll have to limewire it.

    Pia: Could have been an artistic statement.

    Shayna: Thanks much. Brawling is an inclination of mine. Brawling alongside belles such as yourselves? (rhyming!) It's scarcely even a choice.