Easter Excursions, sort of.

A note before I begin this particular excursion, or whatever the bloody fuck one might choose to call such a thing. Thanks to everyone who flocked here to assure me of my identity. Wasn't looking for it--I'm as certain as I can be about anything as to where exactly I stand with the matter-- but it's more than welcome. Replies to individual comments can be found below.

I've been starting to post for the last 24 hours, but have been interrupted by, in chronological order, having to go to my cousin's party celebrating his promotion, getting whisked out for coffee, sleeping, sleeping again (the first time I woke up didn't work), and then peeling the potatoes for dinner.

So yeah. I'm not exactly reliable hereabouts, but at least in this instance I had a reason. Of course, over at Courting Destiny you can pretty much guess that there's going to be something even if Pia says she's taking a break. And breaking that word is the closest to dishonesty you'll find there. But then again, you probably already know that. Anyways, She's got some more in the way of publicity brewing over at her site.

Today, as it happens, is Easter, after Estora, goddess of fertility. Hence the eggs, and the rabbits. And I suppose the chocolate as well, as it's considered by many to be an aphrodisiac.

It occurs to me that I've thus far gotten the celebration of this holiday all wrong.

Oh! before I forget--and yes, it is the fertility aspect that reminds me-- Transcience has returned.

And now that I'm mentioning other bloggers, I hear that Alice has been catching some flak about something she wrote about this God guy. I bet those people never read this. You're always hogging the trolls, m'dear.

Our very own Professional speaks of fair-trade joe, beautiful women, and cyber-stalkers. I swear Jason, as soon as I figure out how I've managed to be handsome and brilliant and yet left alone, I'll help a blogga out.

Miz B lets us in on a bit more of her world. I for one am always better for the visit.

Patriotic Cowgirl
has changed her decor. I gotta tell ya, hon, between you and Pia I'd gotten used to the pink. This new scheme might take a while for me. But then again the same can be said for many of the blogs among that prestigious list to the right.

And speaking of patriotism, we have Shayna telling us about why she's involved with Soldier's Angels. I can't say enough about her. That she is by her own description not a saint strips me of any such aspirations.

Is this post pretty much a filibuster? Yes. Yes it is. Forgive me. I just don't have much to say at the moment. And I know that just about everyone who reads me also reads just about everyone else who reads me, but whatev.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, Happy Sunday to those who don't. I hope that either way you got ahold of some of that candy.


  1. Lol, man.

    See, if you or Cooper had attended the esteemed U. in this frigging town, you'd be either a)bored shitless or b)bored shitless and blogging ;)

    Er...have you ever realized how many hot women are posting comments on your blog?

    Maybe we should start a blog version of a boy band?

  2. Obviously I love this post and all mentioned in it. Think it's totally filled with content

    Shayna honestly doesn't know how special she is. Same with you

    And I can go on about all of you, but would like to close with "it takes a real man to appreciate pink"

    Look at Denny Crane

  3. Jason: huh. I meant to say, "unbothered." Yes. This blog is commented on by several hot women, but as of yet there's no one dogging my footsteps... that I know of.

    If Cooper and I went to that school I get the feeling that while I'd hold some hope of going unstalked, Cooper wouldn't. Not quite sure if my role as blog hitman extends to real life. I plead the fifth as to any other speculation.

    Blog equivalent of a boy band? Well, I guess that would be a group blog where you, me, and unnamed others said wrote posts formulated specifically to enthrall teh ladies. Except unlike a boy band our target audience wouldn't be the 10-14 age bracket *shudder*

    Pia: Well, as Shakespeare put it, "the eye sees not itself except by some other means, by reflection.

    I appreciate pink in three ways that I can think of at the moment. I'm going to leave what they are exactly to be open to interpretation, because I'm a fan of doing that.

  4. Easter excursions? hows that for a name?

  5. I am actually very touched by the mention... beyond words... especially as it was a post that was quite delicate on many levels so thank you my dear friend...

    I am with Pia on this but she says it so brilliantly!

    But here's my two cents... I am drawn here and ultimately to you because it does my heart good to see a young man with such heart, such soul and such conscience... you have an open mind, set beliefs that make you you but still allow for much room for growth... very admirable and I am for one a huge fan!

    Bohemians just looooveee them Wombats! :-)

    Hope you had a great Easter if you celebrate and if not, a nice and relaxing weekend! Boho hugs and kisses...

  6. I guess I could always go back to pink...

  7. What a cool Filibuster!I enjoyed! Peace!

    BTW I bought chocolate.. and I am eating it, all of it!

  8. Did you get to hear Vicarious yet? This link is workign again


    Make sure you highlight the entire thing.... highlight part of it then select all and copy... cause the link continues outside this box..GO Figure.. but it works!

  9. Just make the box bigger... Um dah ! I really need to sleep!

  10. You make me blush... trust me... I'm not a saint! :)~ but thank you!

  11. Heck I wanna be a saint.

    "I gotta tell ya, hon, " now I have never doubted your sexuality but if anything would make me do it that statement would. ;)

    Stay away from those Aphrodisiacs Wombat.

    I hope you had lots of food and candy; if you so desired.

    You are a walking advertisement this post. You need to start charging. ;)

  12. Did you see Tool announced a Boston date !!!! SUN-MAY-21 BOSTON/ WANG CENTRE

  13. De.Ville: Sure, why not?

    Miz B: *blush* Hope you had an awesome Easter/weekend too. *hugs*

    Cowgirl: As it happens I've just now gotten used to the new scheme. It is quite a nice one.

    Candi: I'm polishing off the last of the chocolate eggs as we speak. Dove dark chocolate. *awesome* Thanks much for the link. Love the tune! Hope you got some sleep.

    Shayna: Like I said. I'm unconvinced that a saint is something to aspire to. Anyways they seem to be automatically giving it away to people who were too caught up with promoting Catholic agenda to care about human life first. I think you dodged a bullet there.

    Alice: You could cause miracles left and right and they'd still castigate you about the whole God thing.
    Well I've no clue what a guy needs to do to settle your doubts. Fill me in i you'd like ;)

    Don't think the 25 pageviews a day justify a paid service.

    Candi: Squeeeeeeeeee! Is there one in PA too?

  14. Oh hey. I almost forgot to make a joke about Tool playing at the Wang center.


    wait for it...


  15. you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you................little boy you.

    Can't tell you here but certainly later I'll whisper into that little grey box......dahling.

    You are the advertising exec extraordinaire of blog land.

  16. 10000 Days JUST LEAKED!!!!! It's real! I am dying... http://www.mininova.org/tor/285564

  17. Yes i am going to philly to see them May 17th! and here is another link for ya if any of these explode http://www.sendspace.com/file/rjvmu8