Issac Hayes to South Park: "It's not satire when you're talking about my religion."

Found myself scrolling through some websites regarding Scientology today after seeing this.

Think it speaks for itself.

also found this and this

That last one is horrifying.

I think I mentioned it before that someone I used to go to school with is a scientologist now. There's certainly a lot more exposure now. The fucking swine are getting bolder. And I'm getting uneasy.

And the bitch of it is, it's nigh-impossible to know who's in on the scam. There is no telling who are the victims and who are the perpatrators; who needs help and who needs to be beaten within an inch of their pathetic lives.

The people at the center of this organization have no respect for humanity. One day soon the shit is going to hit the fan with these fuckers and I have doubts that our government is going to step in given just how much rectal spelunking religious interests have done therein.

Maybe later I'll have something else to talk about, but this is what's on my mind now.


  1. I think you covered it quite well. Scientology is as close to being a cult as you can get. Why are the rich and famous so attracted to it anyway? Any "religion" that insists that its members not seek medical attention, has some credibility issues if you ask me.

  2. Yes, I agree... it does sound like a cult. You know Tom Cruise really scares the heck out of me...

  3. Scientology is against my religion.

    I used to like the old Tom Cruise...now all I want to do is shake my head and ask Katie Holmes if she is enjoying her life now with the couch jumper.

  4. I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about Scientology but I imagine many people don't as the information on it is not always realiable.

    Of course they denounce psychiatry and psychology because they don't want anyone figuring out how to think for themselves is my guess. I have always found them cult-like too and abhor cults and the human condition that allows some people to go that way.

  5. i agree wd you and this is an interesting topic hey :)

    my site is one year yesterday and hope you'll find time to visit tnx!

  6. Scientology isnt the only one who asks you to stop getting medical help. I dont know what its called theres this church that derogates celebration or material love of any sort.

    What u call that?

    Besides, a secular government cant interfere.

  7. I am glad you raised this issue. I have actually followed Scientology critiques for a while now and they are very sinister. It is all so secretive and hush, hush but yeah, because otherwise any idiot could tell they are fakes or.... and that is the problem, they don't and too many people are buying into it.

    Premiere once had an article on them oh so many years ago! They have been involved with quite a few deaths of people but have avoided any charges so far. For a long time it was rumored that Sonny Bono's passing was related to them as he was trying to leave Scientology and it was causing trouble within the organization and with his wife, a devout Scientologist.

    I could get into it more but you have covered it all brilliantly. I am just flabbergasted by the lack of individuality and personal strength of so many to so blindly follow something that is just hogwash and based on nothing factual... makes the world all the more scarier a place I am afraid to say!

  8. Hale: Celebrities are given vastly different treatment by the CoS. They're oppertunistic. They got to Cruise while he was having trouble with dyslexia, and Hayes while he was broke.

    Shayna: Tom Cruise is the stereotypical dumb jock. There's speculation that Scarlett Johanson was cast alongside him in Mission: Impossible 3 but dropped because Cruise tried to convert her.

    Cowgirl: I'm concerned about Holmes. There was a 15 day period in April where she disappeared and not even her parents knew where she was.

    Alice: For me, the fact that the Church of Scientology decries all former Scientologists as evil makes their claims credible.

    eden: Happy bloggeversary!

    De. Ville: It's true. There are a number of religious groups, including Jehovahs Witnesses and Christian Scientists, who are required to turn down medical help. But none of them have the exposure that Scientology has. A secular government has the right and responsibility to step in when a group works outside of the law, religious or no.

    Miz B: Primarily Scientology appeals to the two most volitile human tendancies: Paranoia and egoism. It instills the fear that one's current lifestyle is destructive. The "auditers" get the dirt on people who come to them and use it against them. Most notably they cite sexual deviance as a cause of cancer. As for egoism, a central belief in Scientology is that every human being is a god trapped in a mortal form. Pretty much speaks for itself.