And after a brief delay...

Had something that I was all set to post here, but realized it was better suited to BIO. If you're interested, it can be found here.

My failure to follow through with tenative plans set for today (well, yesterday if you must) does not bode well for my break. Don't get me wrong, I like playing Tribes and listening to the Mars Volta (I wonder what Cedric Bixler-Zavala would say if I told him that the music he makes is awesome for going around on jetpacks and blowing people up in an effort to capture their flag... probably he'd ask me what I was on so he could have some for when he's writing the next album... but seriously its great) I could just use some of that human contact is all.

Speaking of the Mars Volta, I can't get the phrase "Multiple Spouse Wounds" out of my head. It's the name of one of the tracks on Frances the Mute. Anyways.

Got the idea in my head that I wanted an ice cream soda. But as soon as I actually applied the scoop of vanilla ice cream to the cola I realized that what I really wanted was the Guinness it bore resemblance to. No dice there. The discovery that I've made every single time I've made an ice cream soda is that they just aren't all that tasty. Sherbert floats are another thing, but there was none of that in the house.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

At long last.

It's time to make history.


  1. I have never had an ice cream soda. Is it wrong that the thought of ice cream mixed with soda scares me?

    Ooooh! Impeachment! About fucking time!

    I am proud to say that San Francisco was a leading city in getting such action started...

    It is mind boggling to me how with all the constant fuck-ups from the very getgo (meaning PLENTY of ammo against the current administration) the Democrats have done nothing substantial against them... way too spineless. I hope they wage an aggressive campaign. Wish the idiots had done such things sooner... it might have spared many an innocent life and unnecessary death...

  2. Impeachment; think I am not going to touch that.

    I feel for ya about the Guinness.

  3. Impeachment??? Holy Crap!!! I didn't know that... gosh your just full of info... thanks!

    I am not a icecream soda girl... yuck! :(


  4. root beer floats are not bad for about the first three swallows.

    impeach bush - hell yeah - they are a little late on this I fear.

  5. I love cream soda floats.... mmmm hmmm mmm. And I have a feeling Bush is going to stay right where he is at.

  6. Yeah I can see Mars Volta being good for all sorts of misdeeds. I'm a huge fan, they're so freaking different. Most people (myself included) end up listening to a lot of music from the same genre, so it all ends up being formulaic. Finding a new band is more often like splitting hairs than actually discovering something. But the Mars Volta are just brilliant. I've been listening to them for about two years, though I was/am a big At The Drivein fan too.

    I saw the Mars Volta last spring at Roseland in NYC. It was incredible. No openers, no chatting with the crowd between songs, just 3.5 hours of continuous music. Absolutely unreal. I was just standing their, listening, and thinking to myself that out of the few hundred bands I've seen live, these guys were 100% different than anything else. Period. I imagined it had to be like what someone hearing Led Zepplin or the Greatful Dead play live for the first time must have experienced. Absolutely different and mind blowing. And I was sober to boot!

    Check em out live if you haven't yet Wombat.

  7. Miz B: I have nothing but love for San Fran.

    Cowgirl: Why not? This is a safe place. The worst I do to anyone that doesn't cross the line is refute arguements.

    Alice: The problem is you can't make a root beer float that only consists of three swallows. Hmmm... I should actually give that a try.

    Sam: Even if he does he needs to be dragged through the mud.

    Philo: Saw them live last May at the Avalon in Chicago. Started off with a wicked drum solo, played Drunkship of Lanterns transitioned into Take the Veil, and then into the upbeat part of Vismund Cygnius. Best show I've ever seen. Cedric's onstage antics were easily worth the price of admission. Never seen so much constant energy in a band before. Felt like a high. Though it could have been a contact high from all of the consumption going on around me.