I want you to read the post below this one. Get a sense of the mood and energy and buildup, then report back here. Allright?


So last night I heard of the engagement I spoke of in the below post. I was beyond psyched. I am an Irishman. I am a rocker. I rock out. So when the Murphys come back home, I wait in the fucking freezing cold if it means I can get in. But lets stick to last night. I called up the Black Rose. The dude on the other end of the line told me that until 11, you just needed to be 18 to be in there. I relayed this information to my friend Josh a couple of hours later. He didn't believe me, so he called. A different person told him the same thing. So we forwent sleept during the night, and set out at 4 so that we could be assured to be among the first 100 to enter. We got there in time. And yet, upon reaching the front of the line?

"It's 21 plus"

So here I am. It's 7:20. I'm not eating an Irish breakfast, and I'm sure as shit not watching the fucking Murphys.

The Black Rose turned me away after I waited two hours in the cold. Those fuckers will never see a dime of my money. I don't care if its the Murphys, Flogging Molly, and fucking Kurt Cobain come back from the dead, with only a five dollar cover. They get nothing from me, except perhaps a brickshot once my hands thaw out.

Fucking swine.


  1. OH NO! Poor EW... If it was my concert/gig and I knew you were outside waiting... you bet your right ass cheek I'd make them let you in/... let you buy a ticket! ;) Sucks sometimes to be under 21... but enjoy it! ;)

  2. how did that happen? ... sorry...

  3. Dude! That fucking blows! I would be pissed off too. Being under 21 sucks, but it sucks being 21 too. Life sucks alot.

    If Kurt Cobain came back, I would be very happy. Freaked out, but happy.

  4. sorry about that wombat

    drinking age 18 here


    I'm full of margueritqas at this time.

    Your then only one I;m giving a shout out to.
    We did a volcanoe and coffee plantation to day and now i'm totally shit faced.

    White water rafting tomorrow.

    Later cuz this is costingelike four dollars for fifteen minutes.

  5. HA... Alice... BAWHAHAHAHAHA!!! Glad she is letting looooseee! ;)

  6. Shayna: I know ya would ^_^ This is one of those days where "enjoy your youth," always sounds like, "enjoy your youth while I have the most fun humanly possible," but thank you.

    Cowgirl: Indeed. Though if you're 21 its a lot easier to take the edge off.

    I'd like to think that Cobain would do to emo what he did to glam rock.

    Alice: eeeeeeeeeeee! So glad to see you here! *hugs* And to see that you're getting wicked! Love whitewater. Rock on!

    Shayna: Yeah, she's totally in need of it

  7. That whole you are an adult at 18 but cannot drink until you are 21 thing is fucked up and mind boggling to us Europeans! Having always had the freedom to drink made me never really crave it although hey, it never stopped me from my partying ways when I did need it! ;-P Come on over to Spain! There are plenty of Irish Bars and great celebrations here, bars are open until 6-8am and drinking... it's not a matter of age but of how much you want?

  8. Miz B: Wombats love it when Bohemians stick up for them.

    I didn't even care about drinking there (I managed to get some good whiskey in me before I was turned away. Sadly, it was frozen out of me by the time I got back) I just wanted to see the band and have breakfast. Of course, I wouldn't have said no to a pint.

    It is of course absolutely bullshit that I could in theory be drafted into the army, but I can't go to the bar and have a pint with some friends.

  9. hey dude..

    That sucks a buttload that you couldn't get in, but the thing is, the Black Rose is a bar, it's not much of a restaurant. it's huge, 2 floors, and there are tables, but it's a bar first, restaurant second. I wouldn't let it deter you from going in the future. While it's said that it's a cheesy lame ripoff of an actual Irish pub, they regularly have Irish bands playing there. Some of the time they have 2 irish bands playing, one on each floor. I like singing along, dancing like an assbag, and i can do it there. :)

    and you hit the nail on the head with how Boston parties for St Paddy's day, that's for sure. When you're able,we gotta raise a pint!

    The Burren in Davis Sq has traditional Irish suisan(sp?) music, 3-4 guys sitting around playing all night, it's a damn good time.

    And while we're on the topic, if the Wolfe Tones are ever in the area, find a way to get to their show. They're like 70 years old, but they'd still probably be able to put the Dropkicks to bed. Different music style, but same Irish flavor. They're like the dropkicks version of 'green fields of france'.

  10. Now that sucks monkey ass. Seriously.

  11. Mick: I have no problem with them saying 21+ It's a sound business practice. But saying 18+ the night before and then changing your mind when you see the crowds and decide that there's more money to be made is intolerable. I'm sure I'll find other places to see Irish bands.

    Jason: Seriously

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain! Murhy's Rock and so does Flogging Molly! I fnn love Floggign Molly!