I had another post planned, but this came up

Some fucker hacked Alice's blog. She's recooping at this spot on wordpress.

I can't fucking say how much this boils my blood, even beyond the fact that one of my favorite blogs, written by one of my favorite people, has been compromised.

I am a writer. Or at least, I try to be.

Anyone who fucks with what I write had better hope that they're on witness protection. It's that simple.

There are some basic rules of interacting with people that decent and civilized people take for granted. You don't mess with their car or house, You don't mess with their family, you don't mess with their friends, you don't mess with their s/o, and you sure as shit don't FUCKING MESS WITH THEIR WORK. The fuckers who can't get a grip on that are below my mention. To channel some HST, "I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck Them.

There's one person who's crossed that line with me, and he has no idea how greatful he should be that I never found out who he was.

I was writing a one-act play for my high school dramatics society my senior year. I was working on my last draft at the school's computer lab and was just about done when someone, I forget who and for what reason, diverted my attention and I left the keyboard. I came back, and printed out what I thought to be my final draft, and turned it in ten minutes later in class. A couple of days later, it came back with red ink in various places. I read it over. Entire passages were missing, and at arbitrary, nonsensical points profanity was inserted. It read like I was suffering from some sort of manual Tourette's. It turned out that someone had sat down at the computer I'd vacated and vandalized my work. As a result, my play wasn't even considered for performance. I was livid.

There is a cruel, brutal side to me. You've probably seen it surface from time to time, and in fact it's a driving force of my sense of humor. But for the most part, it's benign. In general, I'm a peaceable sort of guy. It takes a lot for that part of me to show itself fully. Suffice to say, that guy was lucky.

So, love and hugs to Alice. Don't let the cretins get you down.


  1. I have been pissed about it too! I wish I was savvy enough to fix it. I have been hounding poor Alice with emails about it... what if you do this and what if... It's seriously fucked... FUCKED!

    I want my Wonderland or Not fix!

    Man, if that happened to me I would feel sick to my stomach. In high school, I had worked really hard in my English class and for back then, produced some good writing. My teacher told me to come back at the end of the year to get all my work back. I did. She had thrown it all away. She did the same to all the other students. They didn't seem to care but to this day that burns...

    If I were Alice I would be distraught although I have a feeling she is taking it better than I would be!

  2. aww you are all so sweet. Wombat I'll be back later this evening and we'll tawk.
    I wasn't really sure that is wasn't just blogger that screwed up but the redirect to wordpress and the fact that that redirect kept reappearin gin my template after i erased it five time was a pretty clear indication that although blogger was screwing up anyway someone was fucking with me.

    Any hoo it sucks so I'm going to figure out a way to get all my stuff transferred off blogger anyway even if I have to copy and paste myself into oblivion.

    Anyone want a job?

    write your other thing.

  3. Alice I have been there! Everything I wrote..POOF! Gone and my password changed! I am gonna hit up your blog and see what the hell is going on with it. Back up your future writings, the only way you can prevent that bullshit! I would love to hang the mother fuckers as well!

  4. Yup... some crazy things were going on with her blog... :( I didn't care for blogger that much that is why I changed to my own URL, hosted somewhere else and got a great blog template (well besides the whole other incident... but that was a great excuse to fork out the money for a better blog)...

    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Just another story to add on to why I am soooo happy to be done with High School.