Attention: Mainstream Media

If I hear one more reference to a "wardrobe malfunction" I am going to lose it.

It's almost as if broadcasters needed their own catchphrase that could carry the tone of the tried and true "in this post-9/11 world."

Janet Jackson's breast was exposed. For what was little more than a second. Get over it.

It wasn't a life-changing moment. It wasn't the disaster it was purported to be.

It wasn't even that great of a breast.

That any of you would consider this to be some turning point for the broadcast media is, to understate, quite pathetic. Seriously. All of you network censors who lost their shit over this? You're not invited to my birthday party. Fuck you.

Oh yeah, there was a football game tonight. For the first time in about as long as I can remember, I didn't really pay much attention to the game. I was chatting with Alice until the Stones came on and then I watched most of the second half, which was actually a pretty cool way of spending the evening. Also, MacGyver was in a Mastercard commercial, and that was awesome. I was kind of disappointed that the Seahawks lost but I was neither emotionally nor financially (the only game I regret not betting on was Colts-Patriots in the playoffs last year because I was certain of the outcome before kickoff and could have raked in heck of Benjamins due to the fact that I was in a city filled with Patriots detractors ) invested in the game, so whatever.

Oh. Before I forget, take a look at this. It's pretty fucking scary, but it needs to get out there.


  1. I was here in Spain when the whole Janet Jackson breast thing happened. It was just funny to us to see what an outcry and uproar ensued over a fucking breast! I, as a woman, also found it insulting! It is just a breast! You would think people saw Satan themselves! And for those who would exclaim "but my kids were watching it" so what! Like I said, it is only a breast! My daughter has seen my blog's picture and just finds it silly and funny. And she moves on. And I have no problems with her seeing it. When something is made so taboo and treated with such shame, that is when we are in trouble!

    Can't comment much on the Superbowl being here in Spain and not being into football to begin with but I do miss seeing the commercials!

    As for the BIO link, it won't open up the page for me. I wonder why! I will keep trying!

  2. Satan themselves = Satan himself

    I sound like one ignorant bohemian!

  3. I feel asleep after half time. Mick looked fine for an old man though.
    He kept his shirt on.................thank god. The whole time you know he was thinking "just let me get back to my private box , drink some brew get stoned and watch the fucking game."

  4. I think they picked the wrong boob to launch a federal investigation over.

  5. Alice... leave my man alone *puts up fist to fight*

  6. Miz B: My thoughts exactly. This was actually touched upon in Boston Legal tonight in the case of a woman being charged as a sex offender for a topless protest:

    Breasts? Indecent? Breasts are a part of life! We begin our lives suckling at breasts and if we're lucky, we end them the same way. If you're against breasts, you're against life.
    Denny Crane

    Alice: He rocked out hard enough I think. Though he was pissed about getting censored it seems.

    Sar: Burnsauce! *high five*

    Shayna: Fighting Alice about Mick now? And I thought I was special...

  7. I mean the dress moved an inch and there it was. All there was to see was a nipple. And that got seen.

    I dont see whats the issue when you consider a censored nipple spend some time on the newspage

  8. *knowing nod & wink*

  9. Write something Patrick dear I'm bored..............and ...................... well just bored............

    I've been reading this since Monday. ;)