Well, I said I'd have a song up. Turns out I was lying. It's too late to do anything like that now. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to record both myself and Ophelia at the same time. So far my idea is use audioblogger with two phones but I don't see that working too well.

Alice made a bit of a target of me with her latest post, it seems. I am saying nothing more on the subject here, as to comment on what was written there would be to self-incriminate, and I do that enough by accident, so to do it on purpose would be quite foolish. All I'm saying is that I hope that the red dot on my forehead is just a shiney, mobile zit. She comes home on the morrow, I think.

has launched a new blog, to further prove to the world that she is not only hot but also can match captions to photos like you all wish you could.

Shayna has, well, you see for yourself. Damn is all I have to say.

that is all.


  1. Wombatty, what can I say you are an easy target..being so tall and all. ;)

    I do have some catching up to do if tran has a new blog.

    I will catch you later patrick my friend.

  2. Thanks for the linkage... ;)~ I want to hear you at least play the guitar... PLEASE!!!

  3. wombat where have you gone off too?

    * taps foot impatiently *

  4. I'm a finalist for Best New Blog at The Best of Blog Awards! If you'd like to vote, just leave a comment at:


    Thanks for your support!

  5. EW... what's up... where have you been? Are they working you hard or are you practicing up for your song debut with Ophelia?

  6. Alice: ^_^

    Vesper: You got my vote

    Shayna: Well, I've been doing some practicing, but mostly I haven't had anything to write about. It looks like I might do Wish You Were Here when I do record something with Ophelia. As for now I might squeeze in an accapella thingus soon

  7. my goodness, shayna is...yeah...damn.

    and thanks for the plug once again, wombat. so sweet. if you wanna be further entertained, i lead you here. hehe, enjoy.