So Bored...

For those of you unaware, Mickerdoo wrote about Guantanamo Bay on Absurdity Jam. I'm not sure I have anything else to say. Hold on a sec...

Pat Robertson is being a dick it seems, but what else is new.

It also appears as if mining safety regulations have been relaxed under Bush. I really don't know if I can say anything about Bush anymore without repeating myself.

There's some good news if you're from Boston; Manny Ramirez has announced that he wants to stay in Boston after all. Go, us.

Aside from that I've got nothing.

I might audioblog another song either tonight or tommorrow. Any suggestions?


  1. I just found out...a girl at work sings and plays guitar...as does a friend of hers! We may get together and jam...we just need to find someone on drums! So excited!

  2. That's pretty awesome. Tell me how it turns out

  3. I want to hear you play "Stairway to Heaven".... PLEASE!!!!!!! :) I can't figure out how to do the video/audio on my blog... my streaming is horrible. Who do you use for video/audio sharing?

  4. tell you what. as soon as I can play stairway to heaven, I will, and you'll get to hear it. The only song I can play and sing at the same time at this juncture is Smoke on the Water, and even there I haven't figured out the solo yet.

  5. Okay... that's a deal... Hey, give us a little of "Smoke on the Water" then... :)