Subterranian Lethargic Blues

Before you read this post you should probably check out Alice's diary at Bring it On, as it's about something far more important than this. Just... just make sure you come back here.

Allright. Done?

I went to the Something Positive reader gathering at the Diesel Cafe last night I later found out that the Diesel is the number one place to go if you're under 21 and a dude who likes dudes. It didn't come up last night, and I hope that isn't seen as the sole reason to go there, because that place is pretty fucking sweet.

At first the sight of Randy Miholland was... well, not the one I'd expected, but after a bit it made sense. He was giving out free sketches, and drew me a sketch of a Redneck tree, which was really cool. I also made a new friend, and ran into a couple of people I already knew who I didn't know read S*P.

There was a rather large crowd looming over Randy for the first hour or so, but it turned out that most of them were more there for the sketches than to, you know, actually talk to the guy. So once those types left with their sketches, the gathering got a lot more chill. We started sharing stories, jokes, etc. It turns out that Randy is an awesome guy. He said he might be running a D&D game at Vericon, so I'll probably end up going.

Had my first class today. If this is going to be any indication of the way the rest of the semester is going to be going I might have to numb myself in order to make it. It's looking like a regression from my High school English class.

Then again, I've got Pshychology tommorrow, and I've never taken that, so that might turn out ok.

Oh and Pia, I'm waiting to hear what you have to say about this. I say too little too late.


  1. Good to see you out and about

  2. I just read the Oprah thing over at another site. Hey, we all make mistakes and I think her doing a whole show where she tears him to pieces totally stomps on what she said before. Either way, this whole thing did not change how I felt about Frey from the getgo... I think we can safely have faith that it is not going to change the literary world as we know it! Good thing to is to remember that if it ever would get close to that would we, and our kindred spirits, shut up about it? There must be hope! Otherwise life will be an endless parade of in-laws and bohemians blowing their brains to bits before their time, you know? Oy!

  3. I am glad you had a good time in spite of the dude on dude environment although, being hetero, I still am more comfortable in dude on dude and chick on chick places. More openmided environments have always been welcoming to bohemians! I am a San Franciscan after all! *sigh* I am rambling. Forgive me Wombat!

  4. I saw that and was going to mention it , now I won’t. I think she read everyone’s blogs and found out that we thought she was a fool and he was a creepy liar that fooled her so she changed her tune.

    Your night sounds like fun.

    Glad you didn't come home with a boyfriend.

  5. Frap Gurl: *clicks link* *doubletake* She's back! *hugs*

    Miz B: Well, I have issues with Oprah that extend beyond this, so I'm not eager to give her the benefeit of the doubt here. That having been said, you're right. There's at least the hope that we can apply enough pressure to force a recanting.

    I'm almost always in a more openminded environment (though Boystown in Chicago was somewhat disoreinting at first. Hmm... that's a bad phrasing, isn't it), and I'm definately going back there. I just prefer to know what's going on. I mean hell, 40 percent of the college I went to and intend to return to are gay, so yeah. And you needn't worry about the rambling. I'm a bit of a fan of it.

    Alice: That was pretty much my thinking as well.

    Yeah, it was pretty chill.

    I'm glad too, and I'm glad you're glad. ^_^

  6. Back in my college days, in Drama actually (I was an actress for a bit... still a passion... always open for the option), I was friends with this chick who was really touchy feely though not a lesbian. She got a love letter from a chick once because she had seen her with me! And once, in London, in the SOHO area, which I now know has a large gay population, we walked into a restaurant, sat down, she got excited about something she wanted to tell me, held my hands to do so and we looked around and the place was full of same sex couples smiling at us for being so "open." Not a put off, but I understand... when you don't expect it, it throws you off.

    Oprah... yeah, got me some issues with her too... I watch her here in Spain because we can't pay for satellite yet (too much and we have to start making some money!) and so we get this Arab satellite for free and my options during my dead hours are either Dr. Phil (shoot me!) or Oprah... so yeah.

    Rambling, glad you are a fan of it! Can you tell I am a tad into it too? ;-P

    Well, I have made you suffer enough! It is 6:40 am here and I'd better go get the day started!

  7. Heh. I had a similar movement where I was doing a Monty Python-esque silly walk and I passed the window of a gaybar. Some glances my way. I broke stride. My friend Steve, who is gay, said, "yeah, that's probably a better idea."

    You've clearly been disoriented by the Lovas if you call reading your writing torture. Hang on!