In Brief

Huh... my photo disappeared.

Well, I'll have to replace it then. (UPDATE: I Just did in case you didn't realize it by now.) I was getting tired of that one anyways.

Apologies to everyone who commented on the thread about GotB's departure. The reason I haven't responded to your comments is I'm done talking about the guy.

While I'm here, I saw Serenity the other night. Excellent fucking movie. Comes out on Tuesday. Reccomended if you are the sort of person who likes things.

Also, there is a bottomless well of jokes to be made out of the metaphor of guitars as being female.

That is all


  1. wowzers. love the pic, pattycake =) hubba hubba!

    did you cut your hair??

  2. ^_^

    nope. its tied back