If you can't recall the singer, you can at least recall the tune

The last thing I posted here was rather venomous. And I stand by it. All of it.

But all the same, I see it now as a bit of clutter, that perhaps caused people not to see this post. And furthermore, I'm done with it. I'm not going to delete it. I don't do that here. It's here if you want it

I am going to bury it, though.

Alice's weekend wrap-up (not that it has any official title but it's becoming a bit of a habit of hers; a good one at that) can be seen to be the sort of thing that would inspire laughter if you are so inclined, which is to say, if you have a pulse.

A couple of things she mentioned.

The Patriot Act was blocked- Victory

Pia's post on Christmas- I agree with it in spirit, but here's the thing. Christmas sort of is a secular holiday. It's a little-discussed fact that the reason it falls on the 25th of December was to disguise the celebration so that it coincided with the pagan Solistice, from which the Christmas tree (and the five-pointed star at the top) are originated. I'm not quite certain how much I've made it clear here, but I'm an atheist. That having been said, I celebrate Christmas even after having renounced my religion because to me, Jesus was a guy who got nailed to a tree for saying that it would be great if people could love one another. As far as i'm concerned, that in itself is worthy cause to honor his birth (which didn't happen in December, but what the hey). When I hear Christians complaining about the secularization of Christmas I wonder if they realize that they didn't have it first.

On that note, I'm rather enjoying the story that's being told at Gossamer Commons. I advise that you check it out

So, that twelve day streak is over. I'm enjoying a rare day off before another six days. Luckily I have Christmas Eve off. All told there will be something to the tune of 45 hours there.

Song I'm trying to play of the moment- Tribute, by Tenacious D


Later, all.

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  1. Alice's wrap-up was great... love the letter.

    Pia's post... always a great read!

    Tenacious D... I can't help but love Jack Black and Kyle. I catch reruns of their shows every once in awhile on HBO. I like "Tribute"... specially his skatin' part.

    You are a man after my own musical soul... Loving the tabbing!!! ;)