this post shortened due to the fact that its 5 goddamned AM

as Saije pointed out (for context look two posts down and at the comments. Actually I wonder if anyone saw the last thing I said there because I think I might have been slightly misunderstood and I'm also a bit too tired and lazy to repost) there are more questions concerning Alito; more things we should be wary of when the next judge comes around. And I agree. That having been said, I think I know enough about this guy to know that I do not wish for him to be serving on the Supreme Court. I guess if I learned more I could strengthen my arguement, but I have been severely doubting the effect that my having a solid arguement has on political discourse on any scale.

Then again, it's not like I have much else to do with my time.

Mickerdoo posted a joke in his blog that is funny and I think you should check out

Also, the Patriots lost to the Colts and I am NOT cool with that.

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