A brief administrative post before I tackle a few issues

I've gotten myself listed on Blog Explosion. It deems my site to contain "partial profanity." I wonder if that means I'm slipping...

Linkage: Girl on the Blog provides quality words at a reasonable price.

If humor derived from obscure US History references are more your game, check out Eric Burns' Adventures of Brigadier General John Stark.

Both contain signifigant amounts of fascinating things.

once again I thought I had more to say.


  1. remember you told me about that thing? What ever happened to doing that thing? I won't reveal it, since you haven't touched upon it, but i'm interested in seeing it come to fruition

  2. heh. Yeah, I've been delinquint. Basically its laziness

  3. Thanks for the props... I never thought I was "fascinating"... but thanks! :)

  4. Oh... never mind... I am not fascinating... just my thoughts... miss read earlier... *giggle*

  5. Thoughts are mostly what counts Girl.

    I know what " that thing" he hasn't touched upon is.... ir is it that thing he hasn't touched...that too I guess...on ..nevermind.

    now you go one a posting frenzy,,,,you haven't written anything for months and now when I can barely read what I have to for school you have posting madness..... good thing , keep going I'll catch up.

  6. GotB: All you reveal online are your thoughts. Therefore, if your thoughts are fascinating, so are you. QED

    Alice: Its hardly a frenzy...I'm not even posting as much as I want to be. Ideally it would be every day.