I love reading about Jack Thompson getting shot down. This time around, his Alabama license was revoked. He had some harsh words for the judge that did so, and naturally he had a response.

Also, a 2004 study at Harvard showed that fileswapping's overall impact on record sales is "statistically indistinguishable from zero." However, it has been shown to increase sales for obscure bands.

More to the point, the recording industry's efforts to curb fileswapping are beginning to have a negative impact on sales.

For my part, this can be summed up easily by saying, "Fuck you, RIAA. FUCK YOU"

There was a bit of a self-reflective thing I was going to write but for the moment I'm thinking better of it. I think I'm going to sit on it until it stops seeming like something that Dashboard Confessionals would write a song about.

Once again a reminder that Pandora is totally awesome and you should check it out.

Today I discovered that I like Alice in Chains, Machinehead, and Scorpions.


  1. What you talkin bout boy you ain't never seen me in chains. ;)

    I will wait for the self reflective Dashboard style prose.

  2. You can find all kinds of things on the net ;)

  3. mmmm, scorpions. it's been a while. maybe you could do scorpion-like prose?

  4. That is funny about Thompson....

    Dashboard Confessionals... let me know when their lyrics are available for your "self-reflective thing" ... :)

    I just knew Alice was going to say something about the Chains!

  5. SCHADENFREUDE!!!! it's one of my favorite songs on the Avenue Q soundtrack. i wish i had the time to sit and follow issues like this one. but thanks to you, i have a starting point.