Meanwhile...(yes, I've used this title before)

Update: New post at Absurdity Jam. WARNING: highly blasphemeous and potentially offensive

So I found out that my hangout in Chicago has become the place for hookups this year. I guess everyone there is getting down and/or funky.

Typical. I leave Boston for a year, and the Sox win the Series. I'm back for a year, and my coffee shop has become even more awesome.

Meanwhile, there are few things less sexy than a doctor's appointment on a cold, rainy day.

Am seriously considering a long bus ride.


  1. Hookups, eh? Good Luck... ;)

    Hope your bus ride was "sexier" than your doctor's appointment...

  2. huh. I guess this isn't quite a matter of public record. I'm not in Chicago now. I really ought to update my profile. I'm in Boston

  3. doctor's appointment?


    just.. =(.