I had a title in mind but I lost it.

Ok, so I'm now no longer the only one to post on Absurdity Jam.

I need your opinions. Part of what made the concept for the site so appealing in my head is that contributers can add to, expand, or respond to others' posts on the mainpage, like I just did with Alice's post. However, there lies the trouble of making it all noticeable. I think that it makes sense to put response posts below the original post on the given topic, but there is a tradeoff in that one is less likely to notice that something was added. Does it work the way it is?

And yes, this is an effort to get you all to read what gets put up over there.


  1. Don't over think it. I am not sure I even knew how it worked until I just read it again though. I'm not sure the general , not as smart as us, public will understand. I'll think on it and hound others for suggestions.


    If anyone reads this I was just kidding about you all being not so smart.

  2. Your effort worked, I went over! Cheers!

  3. it's all in the marketing, baby! response posts within the same post keeps the conversation [between responses] current, even in retrospect. and it's easier than scrolling and searching =)PLUS, it keeps us all visiting and re-visiting, and that's ALWAYS fun.

    Don't worry, visitors will develop a pattern of "checking back" on previous topics.

    very interesting, by the way =) GOOD JOB over there!

  4. i was gonna comment on your blog but Alice's comment just made me think she was 20x as cool as I already thought she was and I have decided to add all of you guys sites to my links page (it has only had 16 hits so don't expect much) Thanks so much for the good laugh. I do however think your right Alice, lots of "not so intelligent" people will not get it.