I got a job. Finally. Also I got Don Quixote De La Mancha from the library for research into a possible writing project. Won't be for a while though. Thing is fucking huge. I'll have to put it off for a while if I end up doing NaNoWriMo.

I've got a pretty good idea for that too, but I'm going to sit on it for a bit.

Something is telling me that I should have more things to talk about, but nothing more comes to mind. Maybe later


  1. Oh do the nano wri thing or whatever it is. I think you can kick some ass as if you look at some of the people that are doing it you will see that can't construct a simple sentence; that and I know your imagination is quite fertile. LOL

  2. Domo ^_^

    my current idea has just one thing I need to do before I can start writing, but that shouldn't be too much of a stumbling point.

    And yes I am heartbroken but I was making an attempt to be stoic about it. I lost an entire season of Dr Who >_<