Good news, with bad news following at its heels

My laptop has been revived. As such I'll be able to blog more often.

However, the harddrive was totally fucked. An impressive collection of music and video files died with it. Likewise with all of my written work. Over 60 pages of fiction are gone, as well as the play I wrote for my playwriting class.

Not good. I guess I should have sent it to people like I said I would.

Then again, the story was pretty much without merit. I liked most of the individual scenes in terms of dialogue and humor, but put together they didn't really amount to anything.

That having been said, once I declare a writing project of mine dead, I like to fish around for bits of dialogue, quotes, imagery, and the like that might be reused. This is especially true of my narrative pieces, so that sucks.

That having been said, there is another bit of good news. My yet-unnamed improv troupe will be performing for the first time during the first weekend in November. So that's good.

I'll blog again after I finish installing everything


  1. Do you have a Ibook by any chance? I had one.. first the battery went, and subsequently caused great damage to the hard drive, thus making my Ibook an oversized paper weight.

  2. Worse. A Toshiba satellite. total suckage. Crap for battery life, overheats on a whim, and it sports a Celeron. Bad scene all around.

  3. good good good wombat. I think you need to back up everything on a disk.
    Are you not heartbroken at your loss?