I'm surprised I haven't blogged on this subject before

Tanya Andersen, a 41 year old disabled single mother living in Oregon, has countersued the RIAA for , fraud, invasion of privacy, abuse of process, electronic trespass, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, negligent misrepresentation, the tort of "outrage", and deceptive business practices.

About flipping time, I say

I've always found it absurd that anyone believes that the RIAA's anti-p2p crusade has been to protect artists. They didn't even use that as an excuse for the pricegouging that sparked all of this in the first place. The best way to avoid hearing a recording industry exec bullshit you is to avoid recording industry execs. They will be among the first against the wall when the revolution comes

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  1. I didn't hear that but good for her. Where do you come up with all these tidbits wombat?

    back to writing hell.....