So in the end my silence is broken by Crys tagging me. Thanks for that.

7 things I plan to do before I die (allright so these aren't all exactly things I can plan):
Sex in zero gravity
Travel the world
Learn the guitar
Love, and be loved
Figure out what the fuck is the deal with this whole "Life" thing anyway
Be able to show all the people I care for what they really mean to me
Accomplish something creatively that will endure

7 things I can do:
Cook (esp on a grill)
Philosophize (esp when not necessary)
Sing, though not as well as I should be able to
Withstand mental imagery and general offensiveness that would break most mortals

7 things I cannot do:
Dance well
Sleep (well obviously I do sometimes, but I suck at it)
Stop thinking
Be more than friends with those of the female persuasion (not that I'm gay or anything like that, I just suck at getting across the idea that being more than friends a good idea and one that should be acted upon)
Remember nearly enough French
Give up a dream

7 things that attract me to another person(looks having been assumed and set aside):
A sort of radience that permeates ones entire being and at times makes one seem to dance even when standing still and yet doesn't rob the ability to mellow out... alternately, having "It"
Taste for the finer things in life (or such as they are in the universe of my perception)
Ability to tell good stories
Ability to play the guitar (you have no idea)

7 celebrity crushes
Uma Thurman
Scarlet Johannson
Jessica Alba
Charlize Therone
Cate Blanchette
Liv Tyler
Amanda Tapping

7 Things I say the most(Ok I don't know if these are the things that I say the most:
"fuck" in its many forms
"you gotta recognize"
"...is ten kinds of..."
"do not castigate me, dogg"
"total Vlad"
"crazy good"

7 bloggers I am tagging:
Whoever the hell else feels like it.

Of course, don't feel obligated. Memes aren't everyone's thing


  1. Maybe we could get a little focus here? Red Sox have their backs to the wall, we need to win the next four. Everyone in RSN needs to concentrate, beam all our mojo to the merry men in the Fens. Win Win Win.

  2. Oh that's where my mojo is. I was just fufilling a request

  3. do not castigate me dawg

    i like that one

    Yea really I had almost given up on you.

  4. God, I've missed you.

    Bring it on!

  5. the director of sin city spoke at our school the other day. my friend went to it...and i thought of you :)