Anyone caught attempting to discern a context for this line will be shot

There is a miserable, rotten, hostile being inside each and every one of us, and if we don't let him out for a walk every once in a while, he shits all over the furniture.


  1. Cougs take 14-6 lead against Idaho
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  2. Fucking spammer. I hope you bleed a lot when you die, and everyone you love is celebrating at the funeral. Also, your mother tells everyone about how you used to wet the bed and that she never loved you, not even for a moment.

  3. wow pattcake. i'm a little scared, now.

  4. There is a miserable, rotten, hostile being inside each and every one of us????/

    You really think so?

    Maybe you're right, most of the time I feel pretty chill, I once in awhile feel crazy, rarely feel too hostile but every sooo often I get a glimpse of something...it is scary.

    It is probably scaryier in you being so tall and all. ;)

    Your writing more here which is good.

  5. I don't think you are directing that at yourself. I think you got effed with? Sorry, I always look for the context. Like Kevin Millar is hitting better...is that because he was benched for a couple of games or because he bleached his hair. Like that.

  6. heh. actually I just thought that that was a pretty decent line and figured I should put it somewhere