Two things

One- I should have done this a while ago, but all welcome Crys to the sidebar.

Two- my facebook profile is here in the event that anyone should be interested about such information. Seeing the photo you see here blown up to full size made me realize that I need to get a new one

Back with more later... probably


  1. * COUGH*
    Did you welcome me to the sidebar when I arrived? :(

    Oh, I take great nude photos if that's what you're going for. ;o

  2. I welcomed you! I know I did!

    *scans archives* well damn! I know I was thinking it pretty hard.

    For what it's worth, Alice, all apologies. And welcome to the sidebar.

  3. Also, nude photos? hmmm... such an offer is hard to turn down. Very hard, indeed.

  4. This is comment. Because I can. Other than that, I currently don't have anything useful to say. :)