I'm Back

So I've been MIA for a while. There is, in the heart and core of the universe, a reason. There's also one that wouldn't require holistic quantum theory.

The fact of the matter is that I spent the weekend with an old friend (insamuch as that phrase has any meaning when I say it) , and a friend of his from college whom I now count amongst my own. It was, suffice to say, good times. Banter, philosophisizing, and general chillness were at premium levels, and also we got to see an old man who was strung out on heroin run down a city street in his briefs at 3 am.

So... I guess I should have something else to say... hold on just a tick... there. Got it

And Yes, I've spoken about this before.

The Senate is poised to pass another budget cut to the corporation for public broadcasting.

I'm scared. Every time the Republicans accuse the CPB of being too liberal they install more of their ilk into the leadership. There is no telling what could come of this. I'll say this much though. If Ann Coulter is ever a guest on Sesame Street, I'm going to exact bloody retribution, because exposing young children to Ann is almost certainly a violation of the Geneva convention

More later. As in, I will post again X hours from now, where X can be any number.


  1. just being curious, but do you have a summer job? or is it just all chuckles and grins?
    P.S. Joan Kroc (McDonalds founder's widow) left $200 Million to NPR. It will be fine.

  2. What's wrong with chuckles and grins?
    I am somewhat concerned about public broadcast only in so much as there is nothing left.
    Even the BBC is taking a too much of a slant albeit liberal.
    The alternatives are scary and the whole thing is sad. I fear that the neo-cons still have time to prevail in this, I hope they don’; I think they want to distract our attention from what is happening in the rest of the world and even in our country.

  3. I am seeking gainful employment. Hopefully though, and with the practice I've had here, I may one day make a living off of the chuckles and grins. Its a long shot, but stranger things have happened

  4. the problem with summer is it's just not long enough! by the time you find a job it's time to go back to school. I'm not a huge advocate of work anyway but for the fact it's the only way I can get money (knocking over 7/11s being beyond my occupational specialty and having no rich relatives to favor me with their largesse). So party on...the grind of the workplace awaits you soon enough.

  5. Well, being that I'm studying acting and writing, it could be said that my education is centered around trying to duck the "workplace" in any traditional sense. So yeah

  6. considering my recent experience with the "workplace" and the difficulties to keep a job through summer's end, I think surviving off of "chuckles" and "grins" is much less stressful, and more dependable.