So I was wrong about the whole "switching to paid work" thing. I was on the schedule for Saturday, not Friday. And on Friday, I was up until 5 doing the aformentioned grunt work, after the previous night, which had held little sleep for me. So Saturday from 4-11 was managed with sheer caffiene and willpower. But mostly caffeine. The one saving grace in all of this is that I was pulled from the schedule today because apparently my store was over its man-hour limit. Which sucks for my paycheck, but I'm alive today. And in no pain. I'll just have to deal with getting money into my wallet at a slightly later date.

So, aside from that, there are a couple of issues on the docket for this morning. First off, if you're into melodic guitar riffs, if you like Mogwai or Isis, if you're a prog rocker who digs the Mars Volta, if you're hella metal but looking for something happier, or if you're like me and all four apply, you should definately, definately check out the new album by Pelican, The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw, as reccommended by the higly talented and incredibly indie Jeph Jaques. Its quite the listen. gooooooooooood instrumental indie-metal/rock.

So there is talk of trading Manny Ramirez. Ballocks, I say. He asked for a trade, so the Sox are shopping around, but they're sure as shit not going to pull the trigger unless they get something fantastic in return. He's maybe the best Sox hitter since Ted Williams, and an overall awesome dude (despite his tendancy to be a headcase from time to time). You do NOT break up baseball's greatest ever 1-2 punch when you're in the pennant race unless you have a fucking good reason. And you don't need to worry about him playing poorly because he's unhappy here. He's a professional. He puts his shit on pause when he takes the field.

In other matters, I've just put on my shitstorm diffuser hat. More on this (maybe) as I gain the liberty to reveal it.


  1. Manny's not going anywhere. Of course. And I don't think he's unhappy...I just think he's a diva, kind of in the Pedro mode and so needs some lovin' every now and then. This was the 2005 version of the Nomar trade I guess, with a little different ending. Much drama...so let's hope it works out as well.

  2. Here is another issue in the world today. Did you know that Subway isno longer giving out the little stamp thingies so when you buy six subs you get the seventh free with the purchase of a medium pop. I'm not so much upset by this as beacuse it saved me money... but more because they have been doing that forever. It's one of my childhood memories... Subway with mom and alway getting that sticker! They are taking away everything I know to be true and perfect!

  3. You baseball people....................yawn.............................

  4. Sammy: While I mourn for the loss of your cherished childhood memory, and would give you a hug if I could, I have to say that I could care less about Subway and their insipid sandwitches. I mean what the hell is that? They give you what they call a "pepper steak sub" and the peppers aren't even cooked! Show me a corner sub shop that doesn't put out better product than Subway and I will personally murder the proprietor.

    Alice: But... I posted about three things! why do you pounce on the one you don't care about? Its not... It's not fair...