Those who don't care about baseball can go home early today

I was perusing the Sports section of the Boston Globe this morning.

I am pleased.

2 1/2 games ahead of the Orioles. 6 1/2 ahead of the Yankees. On a 7-game winning streak and probable to extend it in Boston. First place in the AL East, and in a position to hold onto the lead.

I <3 my Red Sox.

Manny hit his 19th grand slam. He's tied for second place on the all-time list with 5 to go to beat Lou Gherig's record of 23. So its looking like the second of Lou's supposedly untouchable records will bite the dust.

I don't see anyone catching the Sox after Schilling gets back. Look for Boston and Chicago in the ALCS. That's right. I'm calling it. And before last year, I wouldn't dream of making calls this early in the season. Gone are the days of waiting for the other shoe to drop when the Sox are playing well. I swear, Boston feels different during baseball season nowadays. I noticed it when I first came home after they won it in October. It changed what it means to be a Sox fan.

Now I can watch the Sox and the Indians on tv without anxeity. Its a good feeling.


  1. Not being a real fan I guess I should go home, except I have to comment and I hate being told to go home. Having lived in Maryland for many years I know that they have some passionate Oriole fans and the Orioles are overdue, they are also now in sort of a sibling rivalry with the team from DC. You do just have to hope that those Sox can keep that adrenalin rush leftover from last year.

  2. I have been out of the world for a little bit. I dont even know how my reds are doing .

  3. What's this feeling I have? Is it genuine hope? I think it is. My breast is light and painfree, and my hopes are high with reason. Life is good.

  4. I am "watching" the game right now, actually following along on mlb's gamescan and on Sons of Sam Horn game day thread...I am not counting on anything happening yet, there is a lot of baseball left. But if they play the way we know they can and don't have too many prolonged slumps, we should be okay. Go Red Sox!!

  5. Hi! I was checking out your webcomic links and noticed that you didn't have Homestar runner. Are you familiar with the site or do you dislike it? Just curious. Also, I was wondering how you made it so that " anonymous" people can't post comments. I would really like to know how to do that! Thanks, Holly

  6. Hey Holly, welcome! I do actually have Homestar Runner linked, its just under "other links," below the webcomic links. I love that site and would never leave it out, its just that its not a webcomic per se.

    As for blocking annonymous posters, the option is found in the "Manage Post" page under "settings" and in the "comments" subtab. Hope that helps.

  7. Hi and thanks for the hint on the anonymous comments! Also, I can't believe I didn't see your other links including Homestar Runner!

    As for my blog (thanks for stopping by!) it does tend to include more pictures than words because my boyfriend (who's in Iraq) loves to see what's going on here in Tampa. But as much as I enjoy taking pictures, I also enjoy writing - but I guess I don't do enough of that!

  8. Chicago? The White Sox? No fricken way. Look for the White Sox to implode after the all-star break.. Carl Everett has an incredible power to squash the good feeling around a club.

    Yankees will very much be in the hunt for the division.. that being said, the Wild Card isn't coming from the AL East. The O's will end up a lot like the White Sox. Good, but they'll fade.

    Looking at the standings, the White Sox could sneak in through the wild card. Then we'd see them in the ALDS, and we'd take care of business.

    Way too much baseball to go to really even discuss this, we're just going to jinx ourselves... that being said :) Sox,Twinkies, Angels & most likely Yankees in the AL postseason. That's my guess right now.

    Also, Schilling will be utterly useless this season. :) Like he has been. Thanks for the life changing event, buh bye. :)

  9. I realized i said the wild card *wasnt* coming out of the AL east,then picked the sox & yanks to be in the playoffs. my bad. They're too good not to make it, just like the twins are better than the white sox and the angels are set.

  10. my predictions: AL East: Red Sox; Al Central: White Sox; AL West: Angels; Wild Card: Cleveland. Oh and Curt WILL be back.

    I reserve the right to change these predictions at any time.