On the topic of America's great pastime, and how much we crushed the Reds at it

So, resounding victory at Fenway? There shall be two more soon. Sorry Sammy. Sorry Mark. Just the way it is. When Griffey strikes out each time he comes to the plate, that means that your team is helpless.


Mark my words. Even Wells will rock house on Cinci.


The following may not make sense unless you're a Bostonian.

There were ceremonies at last night's game. There were problems with both. First off, the left field pole, officially named the Fisk Pole. The problem there is the word "officially" No one ever had a ceremony to christen the Pesky Pole, but if you call it anything else around a Sox fan and he'll look at you funny. That being said, I do think that being as Fisks walkoff homer is one of the greatest moments in sports history, it makes sense to name it after him. Therefore, I hereby unofficially, but emperically name the left field foul pole the Pudge Pole.

There was another ceremony for those watching the game on NESN, during which Remy's Wally the Green Monster doll was given a World Series ring. The problem with that ceremony is that it took place. I swear, I'd be with everyone else in worshiping the Rem-Dawg if it weren't for that stupid antic of his, referring to the doll as if it were a person. And Don Orsillo only encourages him by playing along. Let me make this clear. Wally the Green Monster is the worst mascot EVER.

Oh, also. As you all know, Michael Jackson was aquitted on all counts. Sucks. I had him dying in 2007 and this development leads me to believe that I wasted five bucks.


  1. Isn't one of your blogger friends a Reds fan? Perfectly acceptable, of course (anytbing but a NYY fan) but it seems as if I read it in someone's post here. Anyway, let's hope Doughnut Man has a good outing tonight.

  2. Sammy and Mark are. Hold on, I'll make it a shade more clear.

  3. you gotta love the name,
    Wily Mo Pena

  4. gotta love what he does. first ball hit to him in the series he collides with the center fielder. Later, he basically gives Manny a home run

  5. I like it when we win. Winning is a good thing.

  6. ditto. I was watching with my fatherin the sixth when he said, "this is getting serious now." In a "la la la la la I can't hear you" voice I responded, "what do you mean?" He said, "the no-hitter," which was promptly broken by a line drive to right center field.

    but hell, a win is a win.

  7. winning is good, sweeping is good, it's all very very good

  8. Steroid Man hit a walk off so NYY beat the Pirates...I guess even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile.

  9. all giffy got anymore is his name.... he sucks!